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Aulos Return and Zebedy Rays Gig Review.

November 7, 2010
Saturday 6th November. Mamma Jammas Hereford- Aulos Return.
 Aulos– This was the return gig from a short hiatus which has seen a change in the line-up, a studio session for their debut ep (independently released November 15th) and a whole new direction. 
 A strong and professional 2 piece that proved they had been missed 2 months apart from the live scene. This band have been gaining quite a reputation for their live performances, their returning set was no different. 
A new arrangment, a significant sound, heavy drum beats and an inconceivable wall of sound created by one man. Aulos have the ability to hook listeners and onlookers into each track, their sound you can truly get lost in. 
For just 2 musicians, its hard to believe they can make that much collective sound. They have been compared to several 4, 5 and even 6 piece instrumental/noise rock bands. Quite an impressive comparison considering there is only 2 people operating as much as 6 people in order to produce that aulos sound. They are a full band. 
 The bands creativeness has provided engrossment to all who watch them live, to see and here them deliver.
Starting their set with their distinguished track “Wolverines pt.1”, before the filth hit the floor in a very phat transition into “Wolverines pt.2”, this immediately raised the standards for the night.
However for me it was the debut of the brand new single “Great White Buffalo” (which inbetween the sampling, the bitchin riffs and aggressive pulsating beats) this was the track that really highlighted just how rad and how far this band has come. The new song, highlighting another optimistic route for the guys. The track started with a very battles-esque feel before discobeating and loop layering into such a heavy cloudkicker style breakdown. Possibly the shortest track belonging to the band but it left a lasting impression and need for more of the same. 
  The overall drum sound of the night was slightly overpowering for all acts but this wasn’t necessarily a negative aspect, the right sounds from both musicians were met. Finishing off the set with one of the most renowned track belonging to the band from their effort this summer ,“Wolfcastle” was a fitting homage to the finale of their intense 40 minute set. 
Aulos have made sure they are ready to meet the hype. 

 It can only get bigger and better from now on.

Zebedy Rays
Zebedy Rays- An absolute personal favourite. This band can turn around any night, any venue, any p.a system, any atmosphere and make it work, every single time.
Its been an incredible year from the Worcester/Malvern based 3 piece. Which has seen their  fan base grow, countless gigs, a session at abbey road studios to oversee the mastering of their debut single!, which was released and available on 7” through too pure in September and single no.2 is already set to follow in February 2011 along with a much wanted album. Radio plays, Music video plays , festival slots , it’s been another crazy year for these guys.
But by all means I believe they deserve it, their success is from 3 hard working years getting where they are now and I hope it still continues and gets them to where they need to be.
Their sets are always so vivacious and again it was no different for their Hereford return.  
The band played their debut single “John Esli Davies” live  midset provided a very captivating performance as its such an honest and passionate song. They delivered it to a great extent. Prominent hit “This generation” which was also included in the set, provided memorable lyrics, powerful drum beats/ fills and playful bass notes.
  Zebedy rays are agressive, fierce and a tight outfit destined for greatness. Their live performances are an absolute must-see, they never fail in making each show eccentric.  If your local and still havent witnessed what these guys offer, seriously get on it before you regret it.

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