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Teenage Tom Petties Return With New Single “Kissed Me In Seattle” & Announces Details Of Third Album Due August 2nd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) / Repeating Cloud (US) | Release Feature

June 21, 2024

Teenage Tom Petties Return With New Single “Kissed Me In Seattle”

Announce Details Of Third Album Due August 2nd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) / Repeating Cloud (US)

After their Autumnal album release of  “Hotbox Daydreams”, 7 months later Teenage Tom Petties returns with new material and details their upcoming third album release.

To coincide with details of the release, the outfit has also shared their new single and video for “Kissed Me In Seattle”.

Teenage Tom Petties manages to capture such an eclectic array of influences within their vision, the new guitar-driven, punk-adjacent feel arrangement stirs up this buoyant energy and captivates from the first bar. The single immediately offers robust and fuzzy tones, a chunky low end and a raucous cut before shifting to allow a lighter touch of surf rock elements, coinciding with fruity guitar loops and the layered harmonies that back Brown’s lyrical journey. This imaginative arrangement exudes a burst of perfectly-formed guitar-led vibrance, warped with the addictive melody.

The recording efforts convey a lo-fi analogue status, captured in the atmospherics and further warming the tonality and textures of the voyage, providing this comfort in the creation, a brighter infliction in the process and something that carves out connection for the listener to hook upon.

Teenage Tom Petties rapidly produces this landscape that feels so clear, one which you can embrace and appreciate just how effortlessly gorgeous the sound is.

The third album by Teenage Tom Petties, and also the second self-titled record (why not), is described as seeing singer, guitarist Tom Brown return to the bedroom after the full-band studio fuzz-fest of last year’s prolific “Hotbox Daydream.” Driven by a long-time desire to make an alt-rock 90’s powerpop record, their Self Titled (number 2) takes the first Fountains Of Wayne album, blows out the amps and stirs in some Superdrag and that much-maligned band that begins with a ‘W’. And though Brown recorded at home, technology did allow for fellow TTP members Jim Quinn (bass) and Galen Richmond (BVs) to join the party.

I’d love to record with the band all the time – and we have plans for next year,” says Brown. “But I figured if I’m going back to the bedroom why not make a sort-of-sequel to the first record. Capture a time and place. This time it was to make a grungy 90’s power pop album that would be glued inside your Walkman all summer long. Loads of distortion and attempted Beach Boys harmonies.

Track Listing

I Got Previous

Hawaiian Air

Tuff Top

Kissed Me In Seattle

Dumb Enough

This Autumn Body

Night Nurse


My Mistake

California Shutdown

Ex Gf Day

The new record was mixed by Tom and Jack Shirley (Tony Molina, Jeff Rosenstock, Diners) to capture that crisp and big 90’s sound while remaining full of DIY buzzes and hums, S/T 2 doesn’t hang around. It’s 11 songs that are over and done in 25 minutes. But for that short time, you’re transported to wherever the sun is shining in suburbia.

Due August 2nd on cassette and digital through Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud. You can pre-order now at: https://safesuburbanhomerecords.bandcamp.com/album/teenage-tom-petties-2

The full band will also be playing three UK dates to support the release:

08/08: JT Soar, Nottingham
09/08: The Crescent, York
10/08: The Finsbury, London





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