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Olive Grinter Releases Single “Feeling Queer” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co. | Single Feature

June 24, 2024

Olive Grinter Releases Single “Feeling Queer”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

As we ended our musical year and left the gloomy winter of 2023, we were overjoyed to be introduced to the artist Olive Grinter thanks to Rose Parade Recording Co. The discovery lifted us as we embraced Olive Grinter and her distinct vivid creativity. Last month, Olive shared the fourth single “Feeling Queer”, and this marks the final single release before the highly anticipated release of her debut album which is set to follow this year.

The single is described as capturing the songwriter at her most personal and delicate. Olive eschews metaphor and naturalistic imagery for an honest admittance of love and comfort to a partner. Olive walks a path, seldom achieved by only the most accomplished songwriters, of appearing vulnerable with total and unfailing sincerity.

The gentle acoustic tones and the steady rhythm that flows with the organic textures lead the way to design the intimate soundscape. Moving to the calming flow of the passages, Olive‘s immersive vocal harmonies adorn the landscape and direct the vision, steering the listener to embrace the emotional voyage in all its glory. Sincerity swirls through the delicate arrangement, the lyrics are penned to offer such depth, capturing this clarity through the raw feelings that come to life through the dynamic harmonic flow.

This fearless complexity dominates this arrangement through the vulnerable nature of the words that form “Feeling Queer”, Olive Grinter builds on that fragility and the vocal tones explore this almighty range reinforcing the power of the words and the power of this sublime song.

We stated before, but if this is your first time to discover the songwriter, you will be captivated by the immersive abilities that are present throughout the track, this level of concentrated clarity can be compared to the likes of the legendary Lisa Hannigan.

Olive Grinter laces each tender release with this essence of connection, for anyone to relate to, to feel each texture, tone and resonance. The quality of this single is something else, the debut album is set to provide one of the most striking, soulful and reflective artistic collections.

“Feeling Queer” is the final single from her debut album, due in mid 2024, which was recorded alongside producer Sam Barnes (AhGeeBee, Part Time Signals, Boy Azooga).





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