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Luce Rushton Releases Debut EP “Slinky” – Out Now via Sad Club Records | Release Feature

June 15, 2024

Luce Rushton Releases Debut EP “Slinky”

Out Now via Sad Club Records

Having grown into a songwriter and musician with a rare authenticity, Luce Rushton has now released their anticipated debut EP, ‘Slinky’ with their long-time label Sad Club Records.

The new 5 track release is described as painting an intimate, and at times wryly amusing, portrait of life as a young queer artist living in the capital at the start of the 21st century.

Luce’s debut EP, a labour of love spanning years, reflects their artistic growth. Produced by London’s Joseph Futak, the EP carries a distinct lo-fi indie rock vibe influenced by a range of musical genres. Inspired by artists like Big Thief and Courtney Barnett, Luce’s tracks offer a captivating blend of sounds calls “ear biscuits,” showcasing their unique guitar-led compositions and introspective lyrics.

Growing up in a small town near Manchester, Luce used music as their route out of the town. Buying a £20 guitar from cash converters when they were 15, they developed their amp-less sound on the landing of their parents’ home. Studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths University,  they became part of the legendary art school’s music scene, playing in a multitude of bands, not least Girl Ray, Sophie May, Prima Queen and Deep Tan and touring with the likes of Yard Act, Nation of Language, Bodega and The Big Moon.

The EP commences with the opener “Night Drive Through”, this was the track that became the catalyst for Luce and the record, having been the first track to be previewed back in Autumn of 2023. Luce Rushton delivers this broad landscape and consuming atmosphere, the tonality sweeps into focus and immediately dazzles. Whilst the structure forms and provides this expressive backdrop, Rushton gives this heartfelt and raw lyrical journey where the harmonies alter and proudly exude charm and complexity. Throughout the arrangement, the track simply resonates with this sincerity and this form of freedom, boundaries are diminished and this unpredictable voyage keeps the audience hooked.

The above detail flows throughout the following tracks as the EP moves to “Quickly”. This is the shortest exploration on the EP but gives so much.

There is a sharper edge to the composition, with the rolling rhythms and alternating time signatures moving with the intensive influx of the lyrics and the harder harmonic delivery. The electric lead guitar comes into focus and pierces the landscape with this robust and raucous pattern before it carefully fades to lead the power of Rushton’s compelling vocal range to explode dynamically. Luce controls the fervour of this arrangement, keeping an unpredictable element as this ensemble shifts so easily from softer passages to more vivid and impactful peaks. Armed with a palette of ferocious tones and animated energy, this release produces a sound which is understated yet powerful.

“Slinky” follows and already offers variations from the previous releases. This hazy reverb on the guitar calmly delivers this hypnotic and free-flowing loop, the electronic percussive beats back up this sweeter arrangement before the instrumentation ramps up the aggression to alter the complexity of the soundscape. With this mythical atmosphere carefully created, the lyrics are intricately layered and bounced to hit you at all angles, soft and dreamy harmonies delve into this beautiful resonance.

Just when you feel that Rushton has already offered this sincere abundance of emotions, more affection is weaved into the next track “Tiny Car“. Slower melodies and this almost call-and-response attitude with the acoustic guitar and the subtle lead guitar whaling through the impressionable landscape, create this effective backdrop for the fragile lyrics to shine as they lead the direction of this vision. A track that displays clear volatility, we are at the helm of Luce and this tender world.

Finally, the EP ends with the immersive “How It Works”. Throughout the record it’s clear the talent of Rushton, they have this clear attention to detail where they can lace their vision with intimacy, and this skill exudes throughout the closer.

The track starts with this delicate ambience, gentle stirs and notes picked into the fragile atmosphere whilst Luce emerges lyrically and lays the groundwork for this expressive ensemble. The listeners are hooked on the strength of the words and the dynamic vocal range that moves with the ambience throughout. The melody heightens, and the instrumentation gently shifts to this commanding crescendo where all tones expand and offer this striking abundance. The delicate nature that kicked off the proceedings evolved into this crushing phenomenon, the structure strengthens in weight and size to back the cadence of the harmonies and showcase the power of Rushton and this emotive arrangement.




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