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Falcon Jane Announces New Album “Legacy” Out August 23rd via Darling Recordings & Shares New Single/Video “How Dare You” | Release Feature

June 23, 2024
Credit: Avalon Mohns

Falcon Jane Announces New Album “Legacy” Out August 23rd via Darling Recordings

Shares New Single “How Dare You”

Falcon Jane announces their new album Legacy and shares the latest single “How Dare You”.   Legacy is set for release on August 23rd via Darling Recordings. The alt-country LP sees lead singer and songwriter Sara May expound on her own origin story through the great archetypes of country music: the drinker, the vagabond, the absent father and of course the broken hearted. Alongside news of the forthcoming release and the single, Falcon Jane shares an accompanying video which you can see below.

How Dare You” finds May reaching into the depths of her own broken heart. “The song was written from a place of absolute weakness – the bottom of the pit of unrequited love, explains May. “But music has always been my way of finding my power. So I found this song within me and all the words I wanted to say, the questions I wanted to ask, and the notes I wanted to yell. The result is an angry, powerful song that reckons with the pain but doesn’t hold back.”

The video was filmed by director Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor (of Bonnie Trash) who describes the clip “as a surreal, gothic-country take on a love story gone wrong. The main character is on the hunt to stop the heartbreaker from, well, breaking more hearts. She grabs a shovel, hops on her horse, and travels to the one place where she can finally put an end to it all.”

It is an inventive film that captures the adventurous appeal that Falcon Jane has carved within their new vision and addictive arrangement. There is a real defined character that oozes from May’s expressive vocal harmonies that fluctuate and command your attention throughout, backed with the sharper textures and dynamic strings that expand with the shaking percussive strides and the sweeter keys.

For any fans of Falcon Jane, there is an understanding that the voyage of any Falcon Jane release will move you. Captured with such ease in each outlook are the fiercely charming characteristics of May, and this attention to the attentive vocals and crisp lyrics. With “How Dare You”, whilst all the above themes very much exude from the new release, as does this sense of intimacy resonating from the words, and whilst fragility threads the soundscape, May’s dominant tones offer this slight contrast to appear completely fearless.

The moment Falcon Jane begins to embark on their atmospherical arrangement, you are hypnotized, a soundscape that offers this ride of organic textures and plentiful hooks, resulting in one immersive experience.

With the forthcoming album “Legacy”, May presents all of the characters on Legacy with a clarity and empathy that feels almost transgressive—a loving touch that crosses our rural / urban divides. But these are Sara’s stories too: her rural childhood, her move to Toronto, her current home in a small town, and her life on the road.

Legacy sees May alongside her partner and bandmate Andrew McArthur transformed both lyrically and musically. Together with producer José Contreras (By Divine Right), Falcon Jane refined their sound—pushing toward folk and country like contemporaries Waxahatchee and Angel Olsen. May’s voice, the one constant from 2015’s Alive n Well EP, through the dream pop of her 2018 debut album Feelin’ Freaky, to the sprawling indie rock of 2020’s Faith, is more powerful here, sitting atop the warm, Nashville-leaning production.

Legacy is Falcon Jane’s return, recollection, reinvention and culmination. It’s a perfect moment looking both forward and backward towards the same North Star.

Track Listing

1.     Man of Action

2.     Dirty Dog

3.     I Get Myself

4.     Oh My God

5.     Goodbye Moonlight

6.     Bad Boy

7.     I Own the Road

8.     How Dare You

9.     Doing Right

10.  Dirt Road



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