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Chime School Announce New Album “The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel” due 23rd August on Slumberland Records & Share Lead Single “Give Your Heart Away”

June 25, 2024

Chime School

Announce New Album, The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel
Due 23rd August on Slumberland Records

Listen to lead single “Give Your Heart Away”

UK Tour Dates inc London on 29th September

With his 2021 self-titled debut, Andy Pastalaniec’s Chime School became one of the defining acts of the seemingly never-ending, prolific and multifaceted Bay Area pop scene. Slumberland Records is thrilled to announce his second LP, The Boy Who Ran the Paisley Hotel, is set for release on 23rd August. 
Recorded by Pastalaniec himself, in his home studio on the foggy southern edge of San Francisco, Paisley Hotel sets a moodier tone; slowed and patiently unfolding in moments that highlight an evolution in songcraft, production and arrangement–while still bouncing along with the jangling drive Chime School fans have come to adore.

The sweeter notes initiate the single proceedings and start to sculpt this elevated essence, ramped up with the additional percussive hits and lighter cymbal/tambourine taps, the tempo alternates and leads the way for the jaunty tones to soar. The delicate vocal notes provide this captivating melody and the lyrics direct the movement and emotional currents of this exploration, Chime School have dropped a vivacious jangle pop layered anthem.

“Give Your Heart Away” is the album’s pumping musical ticker, contracting and dilating with squelchy keys, wordless ba-da-das, and guitar solos that curlicue like a pig’s tail. Lyrically, its themes of looking back to memories of the past toy with the terminology of Pastalaniec’s second passion.

“Photography is another medium that informs what I do musically”, Pastalaniec explains. 
“The song is ‘framed’ by an out-of-time intro and outro; there’s a lyric about a camera lens opening to another time and place; it’s meant to capture a distant moment in time. Perhaps a moment in one’s younger years, when you spent a bit too much directionless time out and about in the bars at night…”

Album Preorder: 


 1. The End
 2. Why Don’t You Come Out Tonight?
 3. Give Your Heart Away
 4. Another Way Home
5. Words You Say
6. Wandering Song
7. Say Hello
8. Desperate Days
9. (I Hate) the Summer Sun
10. Negative Monday
11. Points of Light

As its title implies, 30-plus years of UK indie pop’s deeper cuts are voraciously mined and refined on the 11-song release that fans of East Village, later Teenage Fanclub, and maybe even Northern Picture Library’s Alaska will devour. 
But these songs are also very much rooted in the Bay Area of 2024, boasting both lyrical gestures to gentrification’s destruction, beloved shuttered bars and theaters, as well as a songwriting collaboration with SF native Mike Ramos’ of Tony Jay/Flowertown fame, on the album’s penultimate song.
Cheekily-named opener, “The End,” starts with a strum of acoustic guitars, before bursting into Chime School’s characteristic 12-string jangle, then veering off into melancholy mid-tempo pop that East Village’s Kelly brothers should be proud to have influenced. 
“Give Your Heart Away” shows off Pastalaniec’s evolution as a songwriter, gracefully moving beyond the confines of beloved records that have come before, and then stepping out and making his own. 
Standout track “Wandering Song,” shares that same innovation, even as you hear a whisper of Gerry Love’s finest moments swirling beneath. 
As the final atmospherics of Paisley Hotel’s closer “Points of Light” fade and you inevitably turn the record over for another listen, it’s likely you’ll hear both subtle references you didn’t hear before, and also be left with a sense for this musician; how the journey of writing, arranging and recording each record elevates him to a new, fresh place you’ll want to follow, where we all hope Chime School keeps going.

UK Tour Dates

28th September – NCI Centre, Cambridge
29th September – The Victoria, London
30th September – JT Soar, Nottingham
1st October – Fulford Arms, York
2nd October – Gullivers, Manchester 
w/ Autocamper
3rd October – Mono, Glasgow w/ US Highball, The Cords
4th October – Grayston Unity, Halifax
5th October – District, Liverpool
6th October – Just Dropped In, Coventry 
w/ Lande Hekt
7th October – The Cube, Bristol w/ Lande Hekt, Silk Cuts

Tickets: https://linktr.ee/chimeschool


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