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Stuart Pearce Releases “The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days!” / “Rule of Threes” – Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records | Single Feature

May 27, 2024

Stuart Pearce Releases “The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days!” / “Rule of Threes”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records

In the summer of 2023 we were introduced to the world of Stuart Pearce and their immense debut album release “Red Sport International”. The introduction to the raucous record and the Midlands-based band came via their label home Safe Suburban Home.

Stuart Pearce, hailing from Midlands’ shires described to have a distaste for the contemporary hellscape, left confused and divided after decades of postmodern irony, alienated labour and neoliberal economics. Some might say they’re the Midlands’ premier Beat-Combo, others that they sound like Roberts Lloyd and Pollard dicking about with Devo’s synths. What is clear is that whereas most bands merely observe the arc of history, their purpose is to change it.

Now, the band make a startled but welcomed return to the scene with a surprise double single release, a new video and excitement surrounding their follow-up sophomore album release. Releasing two new tracks, both drawn from sessions for the upcoming album: All This Vast Overproduction which is being worked on at present and due to drop as soon as it’s finished.

Stuart Pearce are known for their surprise traits, so we are confident that behind the scenes with SSH, the band will hurl their forthcoming record into the world with little warning but maximum effect.

Hurling into their contagious new single “The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days!”, which is a line we can all take a connection from. The single allows Stuart Pearce to capture their uncompromising attitude through the lyrical prowess, their infectious energy emits from the flurry of textures and captivating stop-starts, rolling shuffles and tantalizing build-ups. At just 1 minute 48, the audience experiences the gracious nature of this outfit and through the new video instils excitement for their forthcoming record. The single deviates to explore an array of brash percussive hits antagonizing the essence of this vision, paired with the influx of colourful vocal harmonies. The lyrics soar above the biting low-end of the bass and the swirling momentum of the lead guitar flutters to pack out the soundscape, the specific tonal choices give a nod to an earlier generation classic whilst Stuart Pearce very much signs off this vision with their unique, unfiltered traits.

Their second track “Rule of Threes“, offers a completely alternating contrast as Stuart Pearce showcases their more punkier roots and aggressive sustain. A completely refreshing, blazing and boisterous arrangement that hits harder than most of their previous single releases combined. The dynamic and ferocious ensemble invites this elevated appeal through the angular textures, continuously layering up this complex world that oozes an urgent theme. It’s deeper, darker and daring, there is no limit to the magnitude of the dense rhythms and ripping guitar solos.



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