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Rural France Release New Album Exactamondo! Out Now via Meritorio Records | Release Feature

May 1, 2024

Rural France Release New Album Exactamondo! Out Now via Meritorio Records

Release Feature

Rural France, the outfit that unites Tom Brown (of slacker indie punks and Circuit Sweet fave’s Teenage Tom Petties) and Rob Fawkes, have just released their self-recorded sophomore album “Exactamondo!” which is out now via Meritorio Records. The Wiltshire-based jangle duo saw Spring in style with the release of their warm and elevating 10-track record.

The record is described as – Exactamondo! takes the Teenage Fanclub, Lemonheads and GbV influences that informed RF and twists them into something more distinct. Driven by bombastic drumming and Fawkes’ distinctive Mascis-esqe guitar lines, each lo-fi gem pulls you in with tunes that make you smile, before Brown’s lyrics give you a little dig in the ribs.    

We’ve always loved songs that adhere to the classic power pop formula but have an edge,” says Brown. “That’s what we wanted more of on this record. To have perfectly formed melodies that carry words with some tension – that fight against the sunny pop.”

There is something so magical with this record that we should all be experiencing. The album opener “Tag Along”, immediately emerges with this standout warmth to the initial lo-fi tones and a glimpse to the chords before this jolt in intensity and production quality evokes this wholesome surge. That warmth is present throughout the rest of the journey and reflective in the entire album the tonality present in the single is something the audience can fixate on, it brings this connectivity from Rural France to the listener, this brightness to the guitar tones and vocal harmonies stirs this affectionate quality. The melody and raw lyrics unite and alongside the pace of the opener, you find yourself hooked on this blissful ensemble.

Rural France moves the audience onto their remaining 9 tracks with this gentle ease as the album offers a collection of more intensive explorations to stadium-like anthemic pieces. This rounded release captures heart, sincerity and this golden nature resonating from the dynamic accent that variates throughout, to the wealth of emotions challenged by the harmonies and the raw words.

The Songs She Skips” is a quick-paced, shorter exploration but lacks absolutely nothing. Addictive lyrics and this compelling emotive strength that pulls through the repeating words. Very quickly we appreciate the strength and power that Rural France produces through their complex vision. As “Guideropes” transitions to the blazing “Ghost Dance”, the rich tendencies of the musicians and their textures simply enhance the immersive qualities of this record. The softer “Packhorse” journeys this confliction that mirrors the sweeter rhythms to the tender questionable lyrics, the piercing influence of the lyrics unfolds and the structure further develops with the power.

Rural France has produced a record that glides and sways with this sophistication, an evolution to their craftsmanship and their natural progression as an outfit. It’s a delectable release that brings real human insight to the jaunty harmonics and flourishing soundscapes.

With Exactamondo! Rural France delivers this original body of work, where it’s clear the musicians have strived to hone in on their songwriting abilities, pushing the boundaries of their creative capabilities to construct their kaleidoscopic album that is, put, a treasure.

This is an instant classic record, the album feels like it could have been released over the last few decades whilst still retaining this inventive influence. It’s fresh whilst embracing such organic attributes and candid lyrical tales.



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