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Nightshift Announce New Album “Homosapien” due 26th July on Trouble in Mind & Share New Single “Crystal Ball”

May 22, 2024
 credit Brian Carroll


Announce new album, Homosapien,
due 26th July on Trouble in Mind

Glasgow musical collective NIGHTSHIFT return with their third album Homosapien, due 26th July on Chicago’s Trouble In Mind Records.

Three years on from their last full-length Zöe, the band have experienced a line-up shift, with drummer Chris White (Spinning Coin) now on guitar.

Primary vocalist & keyboardist Eothen Stern (also of 2 Ply)’s lyrical gifts illuminate the group’s output with an optimistic urgency that is unmatched. On Homosapien she wears her heart on her sleeve, refusing to shy away from politics or contemporary love languages and finding humor, earnestness, and critique at every turn.

The fun wobble tone emerges, fusing with the gentle soundbite of the crashing waves and the ardent guitar rhythms and deep low-end, together with the drum shuffles and the vocal notes the structure emits this captivating energy. The lyrics stir an intimate portrayal as the shuffles, cymbal hits and angular textures intensify. Nightshift has an ease to delivering such hypnotic yet complex compositions whilst their alluring power becomes the ultimate hook.

They say of the video: “Shot in and around the nearby seaside to Glasgow at a car boot sale, fairground, ice cream shop & mountain landscape the group ponder on the crystal ball. Tropical weather for Scotland that day.”

The video was filmed & edited by Chris White, Rob Alexander & Eothen Stearn. 

Now 5 years deep in existence, Glasgow’s NIGHTSHIFT continue to surf the dazzling plains of their collective reality via an almost elemental take on music and friendship. With their latest offering ‘Homosapien’, a noticeable alteration has taken place since the band’s debut LP ‘Zöe’.

Chris White (Spinning Coin) now picks up the guitar instead of drums (his previous role in the band) providing a whole new dimension to their sound. His distinctive playing delivers a countrified energy that is central to the album, leading the song structures into more succinct and colorful places, matching the upbeat and playful nature the band has always drawn strength from, only more so now under his stylish approach.

The kinetic drumming of Rob Alexander (Tarantula/Radio Banter) allows for a second new development in the band dynamic. Replacing Chris (his longtime friend from childhood) is no mean feat. Thankfully his drumming is an avalanche of skillful technique with a glorious abandon that swerves it away from the academic and absolutely into a wild and tactile performance that lifts the sound and finalizes a metamorphosis for the group.

Still at the beating heart of proceedings is Eothen Stern (also of 2 Ply). Her incredible vocalisms, keyboard, percussion, and lyrical gifts illuminate the group’s output with an optimistic urgency that is unmatched. On ‘Homosapien’ she wears her heart on her sleeve in places, but even in the song’s darkest moments, the words create a sense of hope and potential that is synonymous with Eothen as a person. She doesn’t shy away from politics or contemporary love languages and finds humor, earnestness, and critique at every turn.

Andrew Robert Doig continues to play bass (Dancer/Robert Sotelo) and provides occasional lead vocals.

With these newest songs born out of some genuinely existential times (birth, death and love all played a very real part in the gestation of the new record) it’s a great irony that Nightshift are sculpting their most succinct and tuneful music yet from this potential chaos, but it’s this unexpected quality that drives them onwards into a dizzying universe.

Songs like first single “Crystal Ball”, “Cut” & “Side Effects” all touch upon the struggle created by an ever encroaching fascist government (brought about by Brexit) & the effects austerity has upon their people. Other songs like “Sure Look”, “Phone” & “Crush” deal with matters of the heart while “Your Good Self” & “Together We Roll” take on self-preservation & community. 

Friend & colleague Ray Aggs (Shopping, R.AGGS) also contributes fiddle to “Sure Look” & “Phone”.

‘Homosapien’ is out on July 26th, 2024 via Chicago label Trouble In Mind Records.


1. Crystal Ball

2. Sure Look

3. Together We Roll

4. S.U.V.

5. Your Good Self

6. Cut

7. Side Effects

8. Phone

9. Y.T. Tutorial

10. Mellow Baby

11. Crush

Pre-order https://nightshiftgroup.bandcamp.com/album/homosapien

Live Dates:

Wednesday 22nd May – Mono, Glasgow w/En Attendant Ana + US Highball 

Friday 21st June – Glad Cafe, Glasgow w/ Lewsberg + Blue Kanues

Saturday 10th August –  Album Launch at Mono, Glasgow w/ Susannah Stark + Town Center

Sunday 1st September – Psyche Fest Edinburgh at The Queen’s Hall & Summerhall

Tickets and info: https://nightshift.band/

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