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Mared Releases New EP “Better Late Than Never” – Out Now | Release Feature

May 15, 2024

Mared Releases New EP “Better Late Than Never”

Out Now

North Walian musician Mared, aka Mared Williams has released her stunning new EP “Better Late Than Never”. The new EP follows Mared‘s debut bilingual album, ‘Y Drefn which was awarded Welsh Album of The Year in 2021. Since then, Mared released her EP ‘Something Worth Losing’, in 2022, co-written with producer Nate Williams in Beaumaris and has been supported by Radio Wales’ Welsh A list and BBC Radio Cymru and performed her originals with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and at Sony Hall in NYC.

Splitting her time between rural Wales and London, Mared’s music is described as an intriguing blend of folk infused soul-pop. Deeply connected to her roots in Welsh folk but always seeking to combine with a new pace in the city.

Of the new 5 track EP, Mared details “From losing friends that I though I’d made for life, to missed opportunities at love, and trying to piece parts of my grandmother’s life together against the clock, ‘better late than never’ is an accumulation of honest experiences in my late 20s in the two languages I live through daily. Produced by fellow Welshie, Nate Williams in Beaumaris, Anglesey; we worked together to bring back live elements from my debut folk album and had fun with experimenting some heartfelt vocal layers and a mixture of us both playing, including my first ever drumming recording session on parts of ‘left me in the dark’. Influences include, Lizzy MacAlpine, Tamzene, Joni Mitchell, Emily King.

The EP commences with the opener “left me in the dark“, immediately this atmospherical arrangement is crafted and engulfs the audience. A raw and intimate lyrical tale directs the exploration against the evolving ambience, Mared‘s delicate and dynamic vocal harmonies captivate as they portray this illusive range. In keeping with the striking atmosphere that shifts throughout, Mared‘s harmonic prowess progresses throughout the arrangement and emotionally instructs the importance of the words and the intensive sweeps. As the listener finds themselves completely hooked on the movement and affection that sculpts this ensemble when the track rapidly shuffles to its finale, the EP moves on to the next composition and the complete variation and bilingual lyrical take, the entrancing turn leaves you in awe.

“nosi” delivers this extremely vibrant composition that expands to such dazzling heights, exuding this chic and warm complexity that courageously blankets the powerful and high-reaching harmonies of Mared. The instrumentation, jaunty keys and vivid textures that emerge throughout this composition hold this rich tapestry, reminiscent of a late 60s, early 70s timeless classic. This complex composition captures the sultry vocal notes and powers of Mared whilst producing an expressive ensemble bursting with this bold palette of connective textures and tonalities.

The charm flows through to “pe bawn i’n rhydd“, developing the style that came prior but adapting the euphoric and elevated nature of the compassion and the melody that strikes this vision. Before dropping into the slower, country-inspired, and intimate composition of “lately”. This track is destined to alter the mood of the listener, raw yet offering up this elegant taste of passion meets power. Finally, the EP ends on the ambitious title track “better late than never“, another compelling orchestration that touches on smooth vocal notes and builds to a euphoric climax that is both desperately aching and upliftingly joyous.

Mared captures this sincere character throughout the EP, a collection of tracks that will inspire all who embrace it. This sonically seducing serenade proudly showcases such a rich sound that stirs melancholy meets heartfelt folk. A record that vividly touches on intimacy whilst allowing this daring influence to shine, emitting from the explosive power of this artist.


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