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LOWMOON Announces Debut Album “Monochrome” Due June 28th via Safe Suburban Home Records & Shares New Title Track Single | Single Feature

May 17, 2024

LOWMOON Announces Debut Album “Monochrome”

Due June 28th via Safe Suburban Home

Shares New Title Track Single and Video

Back in March, we introduced our readers to the sounds of the new lo-fi indie bedroom pop project, LOWMOON. A new outfit created by Mikey Wilson, a name very familiar with Circuit Sweet due to his efforts in the band Kimber. Following the immense debut single that dropped, we are now thrilled to share details of LOWMOON‘s debut album “Monochrome” and the new title track single that has been released today.

The forthcoming debut album is due for physical release June 28th via Safe Suburban Home Records and the 8 track release can be pre-ordered now ahead of the cassette release.  

Taking a DIY approach Mikey writes, records and mixes the music. Speaking on ‘Monochrome’, Mikey says “It was the first song I wrote for album. It started with the bass part which I recorded through an old Japanese chorus pedal into a Jazz Chorus amp. I wanted to just follow wherever the song arrangement took me rather than forcing it into a standard verse, chorus structure. I programmed the drum machine using a Roland TR-505 and ran the snare through a cheap outboard reverb from the 80s which gives the track a hint of nostalgia.”

The pounding yet slightly resonating drum beat plummets into the exploration and immediately starts to shape this atmospherical arrangement, joined by the shimmering yet slightly brooding lead guitar that layers over the percussive shuffles and breakdowns. LOWMOON carefully weaves this post-punk sincerity through the chosen textures and gripping rhythms that progress within the evolving structure. Mikey’s lo-fi vocal harmonies glide amongst the complexity of the composition, gliding not only with this smooth ease but with this familiar and warm connective touch, shifting through the force of the brighter patterns.

 “Monochrome” is a dynamically complex and incredibly poignant introduction to the debut record with the same name. The single demonstrates LOWMOON‘s penchant for finding the sweet spot between exhilaration and thoughtfulness, to combine this magnitude of influences that stir this melancholic movement in which the listener can embrace and understand. The track captures this reflective journey that gravitates towards a more soulful serenade due to the softer harmonic touches, however, the clear power of the tonal direction throughout the arrangement leaves this formidable and infectious mark. Once the release ends, you find yourselves desperate to be in the centre of the rich rhythms once more.

1. Closer

2. Photograph

3. Decay

4. Monochrome

5. 1997

6. Summers Gone

7. Monday Night

8. Book Club




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