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​​Adwaith Release New Single “MWY” (MORE) – Out Now via Libertino | Single Feature

May 8, 2024

​​Adwaith Release New Single
Out Now via Libertino

The sensational and acclaimed Welsh post punk / indie trio Adwaith return with their latest single “MWY”, a glimpse into their forthcoming highly anticipated and ambitious third album.

Adwaith are described as being known for their relentless desire to push forward musically, Adwaith continues to explore new sounds on ‘MWY’ while staying true to their unique artistic vision.

With its infectious energy and mantra lyrics, “MWY” is set to captivate audiences and pave the way for Adwaith’s highly anticipated third album. This forthcoming album is not just an ordinary release; it will be a double album in length, reflecting the band’s expansive creative journey over the last 12 months. The recording process has taken Adwaith to far- flung studios in the Outer Hebrides, Lisbon, and the wild west and north of Wales, allowing them to capture a diverse range of influences and experiences.

Adwaith wastes no time belting into this formidable creation, the stomping drum marches with the buoyant notes of the bass, distinguished and cutting into the soundscape with an immediate introduction to the blistering tonality that Adwaith has meticulously perfected.

Adwaith are known to consistently shift through their vision, evolving their ability to produce intoxicating and immersive landscapes for the listeners to embrace and cherish. Another arrangement that struts the fierce energy of the three musicians, vividly mixing their greatest strength as artists, united and all striving to capture that dedication and innovation.

Present throughout the release is a trait which expands as this chugging intensity weaves through the refreshing atmosphere and resonates from the looping low-end and rhythmic cymbal hits and percussive push. That progressive friction flirts with the ethereal vocal harmonies carefully placed to soar higher on the structure, elevating the ambience with this magical movement and melodic greatness.

Adwaith course complex and additional textures and addictive hooks layering up the depth of this ensemble whilst giving spacious breaks for ferocious drum breakdowns and erratic shuffles, controlling that devouring tension and switching the power with this robust influence. The new single captures Adwaith delivering this fun and dynamic arrangement with a core disco influence found in the rumbling rhythms, the outfit produces this delirious atmosphere that grips the listener. Adwaith once again laces their new composition with this heightened formula of emotive euphoria, a true skill for this three-piece.

Their new material feels more ambitious but equally Adwaith, you’ll be mesmerized by their consistent magic.

Lead vocalist Hollie Singer describes “MWY” as a reflection on reconnecting with one’s homeland and finding belonging within one’s community, “finding our tribe”.

Drummer Heledd Owen adds, “MWY is a celebration of our connection to the ancient land beneath our feet, inviting listeners to join in a joyous neolithic dance.”

The track was meticulously crafted over multiple recording sessions at studios across Wales, including Mwnci Studios in West Wales, Longwave Studios in Cardiff, and Black Bay Studios in The Outer Hebrides. Each studio environment contributed to the rich and diverse sonic palette of the song, making it one of the most enthralling tracks on the upcoming album.




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