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Abstract Crimewave Announce New Album “The Longest Night” Featuring Lykke Li, Chrissie Hynde and Dungen due 4th October via Chimp Limbs & Share New Single “The Gambler” feat. Lykke Li

May 31, 2024

Abstract Crimewave
(Formerly Smile)

Announce new album, The Longest Night
Feat. Lykke Li, Chrissie Hynde and Dungen
Out 4th October on Chimp Limbs

Lead single “The Gambler” (feat. Lykke Li) out now

Abstract Crimewave (formerly Smile) – the project of Björn Yttling(Peter Bjorn and John) and Joakim Åhlund (Teddybears, Caesars) – has returned with a new full-length studio album The Longest Night featuring Lykke Li, Chrissie Hynde, and Dungen. The album will be released 4th October via Chimp Limbs. 

News of the new LP comes with the release of the album’s lead single “The Gambler” featuring good friend and frequent collaborator Lykke Li.  Along with the song, Abstract Crimewave has released the official music video for the single featuring all three artists

Abstract Crimewave has released this immense exploration and collaboration that provides this ultimate early 00’s classic feel whilst touching on this 80’s theme. The timeless sensation moves from the synth currents, the lead guitar courageously washing through the synth swirls, and the undeniable vocal harmonies from Lykke Li add this ethereal touch to the delivery of the composition. This arrangement is filled with melodic hooks and an addictive attention to detail. The rhythmic loops and dynamic shifts create this essential ensemble.

Pre-order and streaming link HERE

“I like to think that it reminds me of … Eurythmics, washed up on a beach. At least that’s what we were aiming for.” – Jocke

“I came up with this moody but pretty riff that kind of played itself with a weird sound I got from my led 80’s Casiotone synth plugged into an old tube amp. Jocke liked it and added some tape echo guitar. That was all we had for a while, but then I was in LA and played it for Lykke and she came up with that great vocal melody and some of her trademark beautifully sad lyrics, and so she and I finished it together.” – Björn

“Björn is my favourite person to write with. This was one of the songs we wrote in between playing very competitive tennis.” – Lykke

The duo, that now goes by Abstract Crimewave (thanks in part due to The Smile), sees the new album as a rebirth for their longstanding studio and production project that began in 2012 under the Smile name. That same year they released their debut album A Flash in the Night and following that their Phantom Island LP – released in 2021, featuring Swedish pop icon Robyn on the lead single “Call My Name.” 

Joakim Åhlund – a legend of the Swedish underground – has played in numerous bands including Teddybears, Caesars and Les Big Byrd, and has written for and produced the likes of Robyn, Charli XCX and Giorgio Moroder. Björn Yttling –  an artist with a vastly impressive resume –  is the Björn in Stockholm indie pop stalwarts Peter Bjorn and John, and has produced and written for Lykke Li, Primal Scream and Neko Case, among others.

The Longest Night is a record that streamlines the ethos of this band and boils it down to its purest essence; this is the sound of Åhlund and Yttling paying tribute to the many different styles of music they love. Where previously they would work loosely in the studio with a revolving door policy for friends of the band to come in and jam, this time they handled everything but the drums between the two of them, allowing their interpersonal musical chemistry to come to the fore.

It wouldn’t be an Abstract Crimewave album without a few special guests. Lykke Li turns in a sultry vocal turn on today’s single – the enigmatic “The Gambler,”Chrissie Hynde (whose debut album Stockholm was written and produced by Åhlund and Yttling) lends her unmistakable vocals to the psych-tinged pop of the title track “The Longest Night” and Dungen frontman Gustav Ejstes sings and plays flute on the chirpy “Flyga Fram.” “It’s amazing that we can still trick people into being on our records!” laughs Yttling. “These wonderful people put their precious time aside for us, and I really think we got the best of all three of them on this record.”

It all adds up to Abstract Crimewave’s strongest work yet, an infectiously sunny journey into their wonderfully weird world, and the perfect way to launch their new identity. “In Sweden, when you get to around the 22nd of December, there’s something uplifting about knowing that it’s the longest night, because it’s the turning point of something,” says Yttling of the record’s title. “And maybe that’s what this album is for us as a band, a turning point.”  He might just be right: this is the sound of Abstract Crimewave moving boldly towards the light.

The Longest Night Tracklisting:

Heading Out

The Gambler (feat. Lykke Li)

Sailing Away

The Lighthouse

The Longest Night (feat. Chrissie Hynde)

Flyga Fram (feat. Dungen)

Dämba Träsk




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