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Siula Release New Single “Lucid Love” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Feature

April 3, 2024

Siula Release New Single “Lucid Love”

Out Now via Libertino

Back in October last year, we got rather excited about being introduced to the new sounds of Cardiff-based cinematic pop project Siula. The pair burst onto the scene and released one of the most mesmeric double A-side single releases and instantly gained some fans.

Now the pair are back with a new single “Lucid Love“, which is out now via Libertino Records. Llion Robertson and Iqra Malik have crafted a song that explores the darker side of love. ‘Lucid Love’ is described as being unafraid to delve into the shadowy corners of the heart and expose hidden desires that can turn into romantic obsession.

Iqra explains: “The song is a journey that shows the stages of love and addiction to something/someone that’s bad for you; shows the highs and lows of being consumed by someone and the growth that comes after it’s all over. It’s kind of like looking back on something that you know was harmful but appreciating the euphoria you got from the experience (whilst knowing you’re grown enough to never go back).”

The new release jumps straight into this immersive journey, the persistent percussive beat crashes with the clapping that boosts the beat and dominant tempo. The directive approach of the bold and brash beats shapes the urgency of the composition, whilst the vocal harmonies join from the first bar and soar above the additional synth keys and stunning atmospherical allurement. The melody oozes this rich appeal as the unique combination of the synth tonalities strives for this nostalgic influence whilst still delivering a very innovative and contemporary electronic essence.

Lyrically, this emotionally charged world delves into the darker side of love whilst looping and exploring a range of powerful harmonies. This plentiful piece offers a truly expressive and euphoric pop-inspired ensemble, expanding on this impressive library of tones and textures, whilst the captivating and powerful harmonies bolster the darker themes whilst presenting themselves as ethereal and dreamy.

Siula has created a hit, one that calmly conveys this carefree inspiration through the brooding currents, all wrapped up to offer an exhilarating electronic ensemble.




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