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Daniel Davies Announces New Album “Ghost Of The Heart” out June 21st via Sacred Bones Records & Shares New Single “I Know Why”

April 25, 2024


Announces new album ‘Ghost of the Heart’
Out June 21st on Sacred Bones

Daniel Davies has announced details of his new album ‘Ghost Of The Heart’, set for release on the 21st of June via Sacred Bones. Along with the announcement he has shared the album’s lead single and accompanying video, “I Know Why”.
In the last decade, Daniel Davies has become a lauded composer of atmospheric, synth-heavy instrumental music—for film and TV scores, alongside John Carpenter on the director’s ‘Lost Themes’ albums, and on solo releases like ‘Signals’ and ‘Spies’. But in his previous musical life, Davies was a rocker, touring all over the world with heavy bands like Year Long Disaster and Karma to Burn. With his new solo album, Ghost of the Heart,’ Davies returns to the alt-rock sound he had temporarily set aside, bolstering it with the things he’s learned making soundtracks and instrumental music.
“Writing a rock album is an expression on how the artist feels, while scoring a film involves creating soundscapes to complement someone else’s story,” Davies says. “With this album, I wanted to merge the heavy guitar riffs from my rock days with the atmospheric synth sounds I’ve been experimenting with as a composer.”
The merging of these two worlds is tangible on the album’s opening track, “I Know Why”, where riff-led ear-worm melodies meet broody atmospherics. For “I Know Why,” Davies thought like a soundtrack composer, taking a visual from his real life and building a story around it with the lyrics.
“I wrote ‘I Know Why’ on Halloween night,” he explains. “We were trick-or-treating, and I could see this girl walking into the darkness and disappear. I liked the image and the feeling that it gave me. It evolved from there and became a song about isolation and loneliness.” 

Daniel Davies drops this momentous release that grips you from the first listen, the brooding atmosphere and darker landscape pull the audience in and the infectious hooks and raucous melodies gather intensity whilst letting the power of this musician shine.

There is this essence within “I Know Why” that seemingly captures this melancholic nostalgia, whilst the new track embraces this innovative formation, the heart of the release embedded within the vocal notes brings a distinct comfort and transports the listener back to a music scene at its’ most crucial. This is representative of something 15/20 years prior. Daniel Davies commences the composition lyrically joining with force at the same time as the big resonating percussive beats and the entwining stirring lead rhythms that evolve throughout and inject further friction into the form.

With the immense looping of the lyrics and the wealth of power which emits from the building chords, this release is hard-hitting and a gallant effort which delivers hypnotic attributes for a truly mesmerizing effect.

The songs on ‘Ghost of the Heart’ don’t fit neatly into any one subgenre: they’re moody, heavy, and a little proggy, but with a strong pop sensibility and lots of melody. The album divulges Davies’ affinity for hooky, forward-thinking bands like Radiohead and Blur, but more than anything, ‘Ghost of the Heart’ feels natural, like he’s tapping back into something fundamental about himself as a musician. “My first love is writing rock songs,” Davies says. “It just felt like the right time to get back to it.”
In the years that Davies spent away from his rock-guitarist roots, he honed a parallel skillset, one that shows up all over ‘Ghost of the Heart’. He learned how to record himself, which meant he could easily toy with song ideas without the pressure of a studio deadline. Through his collaborations with John and Cody Carpenter, he became a synth wizard. Keyboards were never a big part of Davies’ early rock bands, but on ‘Ghost of the Heart’, they’re a crucial counterpoint to the guitar work. The most important thing that working on soundtracks taught him was to remove his own mental blocks and let the ideas flow.
“Something that I brought into this process from film music was the immediacy of it,” Davies says. “Just letting it happen, and then not picking it apart too much. The idea comes out, and then I kind of structure it, get it together, and if it seems right, then go.”
Davies recorded ‘Ghost of the Heart’ over the course of 2023 with the producer John Spiker, his longtime friend and collaborator. Spiker also contributes bass, while Matt Flynn plays drums. Everything else on the record is performed by Davies.
‘Ghost of the Heart’ is a special album for Davies. It sees him returning to his origins in rock music, but it also couldn’t have been made without the lessons of his time in the film world. In the truest sense, it’s a career-defining work, one that showcases everything he’s learned in his decades as a musician. It reveals a door that, now opened, can take Davies anywhere he wants to go.

‘Ghost of the Heart’ track list:
1. I Know Why
2. Presence on the Hill
3. Into You
4. It Takes A Lot
5. Ghost of the Heart
6. Still the Servant
7. Big Crush
8. Wait
9. Those Eyes


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