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Cruush Release New EP “Nice Things Now, All The Time” – Out Via Heist or Hit | Release Feature

April 16, 2024
Photo Credit: Loélia Duboc / @aileol.photography

Cruush Release New EP “Nice Things Now, All The Time”

Out via Heist or Hit

Manchester alt-rock risers cruush release new EP Nice Things Now, All The Time via Heist or Hit.

cruush take shoegaze’s dusty magic and thrust it into the 2020s, combining grit-your-teeth distortion with a disarming sweetness – think the delicacy of Wolf Alice whipped in the cyclonic guitars of My Bloody Valentine.

Alongside the juxtaposition innate to their sound, thematically they craft a narrative which is part based in whimsical head-in-the-clouds humour, and part on banal reality:

“The EP title comes from a bit we were doing in the car, a Trumpian/Saul Goodman style character selling you the promise of ‘nice things now, all the time’, contrasting with the dreary reality of our lives in the city. We’re all skint, overworked, bored and just want ‘nice things now, all the time.’ Let’s feed Lowry shrooms and take him to Thorpe Park.”

The EP opener captures this purity found in the atmosphere, as the track begins to take shape, the audience feels they are part of the setting, positioned in the room with the musicians uniting around to tap the cymbal, build up the guitar notes, add those delicate textures, leading to this almighty shift in the landscape.

After the impressive opener, the EP quickly bolts towards the second track “As She Grows“, offering a completely refreshing soundscape with a sense of urgency. The sweeping intro exudes this tender atmosphere before the raucous instrumentation sweeps into the main focus and that atmosphere rapidly evolves to the daring and quick-fired immersive landscape that engulfs the audience. The delicate vocal notes soar through the gritty intensity, almost directing the rigorous guitar passages and the brooding rhythm changes, all elevated by the drum shuffles and percussive pattern that hits with a crisp emphasis. cruush has this commanding power to elevate emotion through the striking passages, to deliver this nostalgic touch that resonates and reaches out to the audience.

Next up is the mammoth vision of “Cotton Wool“, the single which they previously released to tease us of this record. It’s a moody arrangement that captures this burning intensity and expressive landscape. A slower and more brooding vision, that journeys through these very heavy passages emitting a challenging character and oozing plentiful hooks. The delicate harmonies sit with this emotive influence, the tones position themselves in the centre of the sonically consuming complexity of the instrumentation. The track leads to this colossal build-up, the wall of sound feels as if it doubles, it’s heavy and impressive. The drums shuffle and skit throughout the depth of this voyage and the musicians have this talent to alter the momentum promptly.

“Ladybird Song” commits to this lo-fi essence as the gritty guitar places itself in the background of the far-reaching and harmonious vocal notes from Amber. The soundscape embraces this feeling of unpredictability, as the previous tracks all captured this hard-hitting range, this song breaks up that previous aggression whilst working towards a heightened intensity, the audience ready for the track to explode, expand or alter at any given moment. cruush opts to showcase their innovation within their vision, producing a track that captivates due to the angst whilst once again allowing further adventurous range for each musician to shine.

And finally, the record finishes on the high of “Headspace”, ending the EP with this enthralling ensemble filled with emotion, nostalgia and illusive hooks. This atmosphere provides this deeply complex landscape, a vast and shifting soundscape that captures intense rhythms, an abundance of bright textures, this heavy wall of sound and punchy percussive elements. Each musician gives this intense performance, continuously adding to the hazy world. Amber’s expressive vocal melodies capture volatility through the lyrics and emotive emplacement. The vocal notes and the sublime range simply soar amongst the harsher passages, bringing this additional layer of affection to this gritty atmosphere whilst still consistently attaching a connection of melancholy to the vision.

cruush are just purveyors in their field, they continue to progress and mature, and with that time comes this fearless attitude and creative compositions, this EP is a bountiful collection of consuming compositions and this immense quality of showmanship between each musician. They’ve created this expansive record that proudly details great attention to the textures, hook and recorded setting, where the audience feels at the centre of this colossal world.

Live Dates

12/05 – EBGB’s – Liverpool*
15/05 – Esquires – Bedford*
29/05 – The George Tavern – London
01/06 – Gullivers Ballroom – Manchester

*w/ Pale Blue Eyes



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