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Autocamper Set To Release Double A-Side Single “Blanche” & “Budge” via Safe Suburban Home Records Out May 3rd | Release Feature

April 16, 2024

Autocamper Release Double A-Side Single “Blanche” & “Budge” via Safe Suburban Home Records

First Single “Blanche” Out Now / Cassette Out May 3rd

Manchester’s Autocamper have joined forces with the unstoppable Safe Suburban Home Records for the release of their double A-side single/ cassette release “Blanche” & “Budge”. The release is out May 3rd whilst the first track is available now and streaming below.

With enough melancholic charm and a cardigan collection that would make even Stephen Pastel blush, Autocamper are the perfect pop tonic to Manchester’s predictable post-punk machismo. Like a Northern kitchen sink rendering of The Vaselines’ call and response motif, vocal duties are shared by Jack Harkins and Niamh Purtill – their wide-eyed reflections on unrequited romances, bedroom tiffs and hungover misdemeanors effortlessly retrofits the jangle pop sounds of the ‘80s without the C86 revisionism; think Sarah Records-era The Wake fused with the shambling, melodic impulse of McCarthy and The Close Lobsters, but with one foot always firmly in the present.

Music for a new generation of the melody hungry and overstimulated, Autocamper make the everyday gorgeous, conjuring images of rain droplets pouring down bus windows on a grey sigh-ridden, pedestrian Sunday, or waiting in line at a service station the morning after the night before, lukewarm pasty in hand. Hayley Scott

‘Blanche‘ was recorded at Withington Public Hall and ‘Budge‘ was recorded in Arthur Arnold’s bedroom in South West Manchester.

Immediately the rhythmic cadence of this euphoric arrangement hooks you. There is this immense brightness to the tonality of the guitar which leads into focus, sets the initial hook and the tone dazzles as it conquers the elevated landscape of this composition. As each musician plays into the expanding vision the audience appreciates the united energy of the entire outfit. The bass flirts through that initial structure to add this complex bounce and the jaunty keys shift through the composition positioning themselves with this higher note, all of which held together with the rolling and crisp percussive hits from the drum kit.

Whilst the radiant structure compels, the vocal harmonies bring this conflict to the punchy textures by lyrically touching on more tender tales. Lo-fi and melodic, the vocal notes lace the formation with this emotive appeal, before the alternation in verses allows for dual harmonies to shine, moving from baritone harmonies to softer, sweeter harmonies in this almost call-and-response style. The combination of these dynamic vocal tones and the energy emitted from both Jack Harkins and Niamh Purtill, solidifies the expressive notion of the arrangement.

Autocamper have produced a composition that offers this rich, spangled, psychedelic grandeur.

Autocamper are: Harry Williams – Bass, Arthur Junior Robinson – Drums, Vocals, Niamh Purtill – Keyboards, Vocals, Jack Harkins – Guitar, Vocals.

Live Dates:
03 – Manchester, Withington Public Halls (SINGLE RELEASE)
05 – The Crescent, York
08 – Venue TBC, Glasgow
17 – The Grand, Clitheroe (with The Bug Club)
31 – Sheffield, Sidney & Matilda
04 – London, The Social

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