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Abbie Ozard Announces Debut Album “everything still worries me” Due July 25th via House Anxiety & Shares New Single “anything for you”

April 15, 2024
Photo Credit: Charlotte Rudd

Abbie Ozard Announces Debut Album everything still worries me For July 25th via House Anxiety

New Single ‘anything for you’ Out Now

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Abbie Ozard announces debut album everything still worries me for July 25th via House Anxiety (Courtney Barnett, Hazel English, Royel Otis) with new single ‘anything for you’

The debut LP is at heart a celebration of friendships, family and relationships, all the while presenting an underlying sense of uncertainty. The juxtaposition between embracing small joys, and the way they can quickly turn sour – your drink spills, your ice cream melts, your socks have holes in them – reflects the unease of navigating life in your twenties. 

It embraces knotty questions – should we be happy and content with the small things that bring us joy, and are we being spoilt by wanting more? Or are we meant to work as hard as possible to achieve our ‘dream life’? Abbie paints an ‘upside down world’, not knowing what the hell is going on – all the while romanticising everyday things to come back down to earth.   

In other words, it’s life in full colour. 

This expansive thematic approach is reflected in the sound of the record – everything is unashamedly big and bright, designed to hit the seats at the back of the arena. 

New single ‘anything for you’ – written alongside Ben Matravers – falls in line with this approach, from the gritty opening bass line and semi-whispered verse vocals to the earworm chorus. On the themes, Abbie elaborates: 

“In the past I’ve found myself changing everything about myself to suit another person. This track embodies the desperation and yearning you experience during an unrequited situationship, how you can’t think for yourself and how blindsided you are when it comes to love that isn’t reciprocated but still ongoing. “ 

The new single starts with this gritty bass line trying to break out, this ambiance evolves with the placement of these crucial layers and textures as they bridge the immense landscape and develop this plentiful backdrop for Abbie’s sultry and commanding vocal harmonies to soar above.

The jangling melodies move with this ease whilst hypnotizing the listener and you embrace the heartfelt tones and the importance of the lyrics that Abbie has set out to portray within this crushing arrangement. A vivid composition that delivers on hooks, emotion and this euphoric escalation. Abbie is fearless when touching on certain themes within their vision, this track proudly punches through through fragility, intimacy, and elevated pop threads all whilst stirring this immense wealth of nostalgia.

The progression of this artist over the years showcases Ozard’s unique power and ability to create soundscapes that can easily find a connection with the audience. Another composition where Abbie allows the lyrics to fearlessly express a vulnerability that pushes against the movement of the structure, whilst the tonality and the melody build up this hit!

Abbie began teasing the debut LP last year with her singles ‘days like these’ and ‘i don’t know happiness without you’ – and with the announcement, she crystallises an opening chapter born of dedication to infectious indie song-craft. 

It will no doubt be lapped up by a supportive scene that has welcomed and uplifted Abbie.  

Championed throughout her career by the most trusted of tastemakers, press takes have come in from broadsheets (The Times, The Independent), indie bibles (DORK, The Line of Best Fit, Clash) and style / culture press (The FADER, NOTION, HUNGER) alike. 

Jack Saunders and Huw Stephens have consistently backed across BBC Radio 1, where she has also seen daytime airplay courtesy of a BBC Introducing Track of the Week grab. Abbie McCarthy and Chris Hawkins have been fans at BBC 6 Music.

Headline tours through 2022 and 2203; a debut Glastonbury performance and European tour support stint with Briston Maroney, as well as many festival slots have seen the indie anthems well and truly road-tested. 

everything still worries me – the debut album from Abbie Ozard – is out July 25th via House Anxiety. ‘anything for you’ is out now. 

Live Dates 
17th May – Manchester – YES basement 
1st June – Wychwood Festival 
27th June – London Bridge City Summer By The River 
18th August – Hardwick Festival 



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