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WILDES Releases New EP “Subsidence” – Out Now via Apollo | Release Feature

March 18, 2024
Photo credit: Alina Zum Hebel

WILDES Releases New EP “Subsidence”

Out Now via Apollo

London singer-songwriter WILDES has released new EP ‘Subsidence’. WILDES is the recording project of London based Anglo-Irish musician and producer Ella Walker. New EP ‘Subsidence’ follows WILDES’ critical acclaimed 2023 debut album ‘Other Words Fail Me’  which featured her collaboration with The Flaming Lips “True Love”.

New EP ‘Subsidence’ finds Walker going back to her roots, self-producing and recording the entire project from her flat in Dalston, recruiting frequent collaborator Matt Wiggins (Adele, Florence and the Machine) to mix the EP. “The EP centres around the abrupt end of a loving relationship that left me quite devastated and shocked,” WILDES explains.

Previously noting PJ Harvey and Patti Smith as core influences on her project – new EP ‘Subsidence’ showcases an alluring sonic evolution for WILDES. From the swirling multi-layered harmonies on “I Was New”, to the cavernous “Flow Through” & the captivating sparsity of “Lay Upon Me”, WILDES’ grasp of tension and release and her eloquent portrayal of romantic trauma is stunningly depicted on lead single “heartbreak is silent” [“Heartbreak is quiet for me / Not the crying in the rain it’s intended to be / Heartbreak is silent for me / Not the burning claret rage of a lover on their knees”].

We first introduced the news of the record at the start of the year and have been so excited for the release, which you can find streaming below-

The entire EP is an emotional journey where the audience embraces the sincerity of WILDES and the captivating release in all its stirring glory.

Kicking off the record with “I Was New”, a minimalist approach to this low-end synth note warbling into the cutting landscape, combined with the sublime emotive harmonic vocal range that WILDES delivers with ease and clarity. The audience is hooked on the lyrical journey and the warmth of the vocal range, powerful yet poignant. The landscape flickers with intensity with the addition of a few more notes, shimmering keys and layered tones, this atmosphere is as volatile as the words, it hooks you and keeps you fixated on this visceral journey. Whilst you are pulled into the warmth of the notes, the intensity grows and then before long the EP moves onto the next track, shattering that delicate world and introducing a more punchy effort in “Heartbreak is Silent”.

By completely starting afresh with the soundscape of the second track, we appreciate the range of WILDES. Breaking out of that slower transition, adding this infectious beat and alternating the rhythmic direction of this vision. The sweeping beat captivates you, you take the flow with ease, and then the unique vocal harmonies emerge and direct the emotional current of this composition. It starts with this minimalist influence but the chosen tones that gently glides through the landscape reinforce the solid percussive push. The vocal harmonies layer, soar. The words are so easy to embrace, laced with the immersive energy of the artist and the feelings behind each line. WILDES captures beauty, honesty and intimacy in this arrangement, as the track works towards the powerful and explosive final bars, intensifying the atmosphere with such stirring attention to detail.

The third single “Lay Upon Me”, WILDES takes their audience on this emotional journey with “Lay Upon Me”. Few, stirring piano notes shift in the fragile atmosphere, resonating the depth of this volatile composition whilst the focus heads to the sublime vocal range from WILDES. Exploring this emotive ensemble, the vocal harmonies reach such striking tones through softer passages and high-reaching notes. Through the dynamic range that explodes throughout the tender voyage, WILDES laces the vision with a bright burst of affection, the listener connects to that compassionate complexity and allows this track to transport them. The searing and sincere lyrics launch such intimacy to the vision, and by capturing the fragility through the vocal melodies and gripping landscape, ultimately WILDES showcases such a fearless character.

Finally the EP ends on “Flow Through”. What a stunning collection of emotionally charged compositions, all of which creatively capture such a vast array of affection and hone in on varied moods. The EP closer is a hypnotic arrangement that exudes this lasting impact, you want to stay through the looped notes and the rhythmic pulsation and stay in this softer space.



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