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Unwed Sailor Shares New Single & Video “Blue Tangier” – Taken From New Album “Underwater Over There” Due May 10th 2024 | Video Exclusive

March 13, 2024

Unwed Sailor Shares New Single & Video “Blue Tangier”

Taken From New Album “Underwater Over There” Due May 10th 2024

Last month we were thrilled to share news that Unwed Sailor had announced details of a new album and had dropped a new single and accompanying video. The news set us into pure excitement, and we emerged into the impressive back catalogue again.

Their forthcoming 10-track LP Underwater Over There – Tulsa, Oklahoma’s  Unwed Sailor are about to deliver a record that has a current of 80s goth and jangle-pop runs beneath a litany of memorable hooks and compositional left turns, creating a propulsive and intricate world of sound.

Today they share their new single “Blue Tangier” and official video which we are delighted to share below, the second release from the forthcoming album which captures this striking identity.

The landscape emerges and crushes immediately, delicate notes initiate the exploration before feedback screams with this siren effect, notes slash through the intoxicating atmosphere and this triumphant synth sound glides into action and starts to sculpt the complex soundscape. Joined with the sweeping drum shuffles and the dominating percussive beat, the magnitude of this arrangement reaches a sonically consuming level.

Unwed Sailor has this profound ability to weave this emotive story within their vision, through the textures and the adventurous melody that designates the journey of “Blue Tangier“, the audience can appreciate the wealth of affection laced into the attributes of this impressive arrangement. As the track dynamically shifts and twists through its voyage, further tones are introduced, flirting with the already vast and expressive atmosphere that hooks the listener.

The shimmering guitar notes that lead the movement of this release add such a delicate touch to a triumphant and blazing composition. As the track flows it’s easy to appreciate this perfect art form, a composition to indulge their audience with the sublime motions of this engaging exploration. At the heart of this track is sincerity, and it’s that connective touch that resonates through the tantalizing melody and grounds this track as a lasting effort. Fluctuating through these intensive peaks where the aggression strikes and challenges the ambience with a swift burst of this passionate and more powerful playing.

Over the years, Unwed Sailor has already established themselves as one of, if not the, most promising instrumental-rock outfits around over the years. With the new material, there is a refreshing burst of innovation bursting through the vivid and essential appeal of Unwed Sailor, they continue their captivating legacy and their new material should solidify new fans to join their committed community.

Blue Tangier” is also streaming on Bandcamp.

Pre-Order Underwater Over There

Track Listing


Blue Tangier

Final Feather


Peculiar Way



Underwater Over There

Bend The Air





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