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SYBS Release New Single “Canned Laughter” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Feature

March 28, 2024
Bethan Miller Co

SYBS Release New Single “Canned Laughter”

Out Now via Libertino

SYBS return with the release of their new single “Canned Laughter”, the single is out now via Libertino Records.

The new single is also the first track written in collaboration between SYBS‘ guitarist, Kieran Macdonald-Brown, and singer/guitarist, Osian Llŷr. The release marks the band’s first bilingual song and another step closer to the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album later this year.

Kieran and Osian explain the background to the creation of their unique and compelling new single.

Kieran explains: “Basically ‘Canned Laughter’ is me trying to write a SYBS song, having been greatly influenced by Osian’s writing style after a long stretch gigging throughout 2019, particularly in the summer. Writing the riff firstly, then making a sort of off-kitler muzak/Splatoon inspired demo when the pandemic kicked off. It wasn’t until we got together to record the majority of the album in Hounslow that the arrangement, while still maintaining the casiotone beat and the quacky autowah lead lines, was fully worked out with Daf’s drums and a heightened angst likely influenced by impending uni finals, the style beginning to lean more into bossa post-punk.

Synths and percussion were overdubbed a bit further down the line, keeping the electric organ sound but adding a g-funk-esque lead synth, at that time very influenced by GTA San Andreas theme. Then me and Osian, deciding it would be fitting to make it a bilingual song, decided to run with the more angsty/paranoid feeling.”

Osian adds: “Lyrically, I wanted to write a narrative song, somewhat loosely based on my own experience of office work. It’s about a character who’s going through the motions at their 9-5 who’s lost a sense of purpose with their work, clocking out and wasting away the rest of their day watching sit coms, and becoming envious of these characters’ positive outlook on life in spite of their repetitive lifestyle.

Eventually the character begins to spiral after a few too many instant coffees, loses grip on reality and begins to feel they themselves are in one of these sit coms, in a Truman show-esque sense, with every decision made for them already. Essentially it’s a meditation on ideas of free will, and what it is that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning”.

The new track commences with this piercing feedback whaling into the atmosphere that already commands this intriguing presence, the percussive beat plays in and the jaunty guitar tones follow with this rhythmic cadence before the track evolves into a heavier ensemble. The track captures this unpredictable yet eager direction and unison from the outfit. Meandering through these experimental passages where the tonality and wealth of effects continue to layer up the soundscape and inject complexity to the ambience.

As the arrangement flows we embrace this fluctuation of harmonies, shifting through lo-fi verse vocals to the alternating harmonies and intensity, this movement and variation of the melodic vocals captivate the listener and play on the unpredictable nature of the journey that’s engulfed you.

SYBS deliver this essence of fun and vivacious appeal through their latest effort as the musicians dial in this friction towards the final few bars where the music and the lyrics catapult into this chaos, fearlessly expressing the descent into madness whilst allowing that animated influence to shine.

Canned Laughter” conveys a new musical direction that allows SYBS to explore further into their effects and songwriting skills.




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