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Martha Rose Announces New Album “Close to Close” out 31st May on Mansions and Millions & Releases First Single “The Same Feeling”

March 21, 2024
Photo Credit: Janine Kuehn

Martha Rose
Announces New Album
Close to Close
out 31st May on Mansions and Millions

Releases first single “The Same Feeling”

Berlin-based, English instrumentalist, Martha Rose announces her new album Close to Close out 31st May on Mansions and Millions and releases the first single, “The Same Feeling”.

Martha Rose has just released one of the most dreamy and immersive compositions. A track that bursts with this richness, “The Same Feeling” commences with a percussive led beat and soon builds to showcase this immense array of sweeping synth sounds and vivid hooks. Whilst the ambitious soundscape expands and pulls the audience into the rhythmic movement, Martha’s standout vocal range shifts from softer and soprano harmonies to a more cutting slower and deeper delivery. Through the lyrical journey and the courageous intimacy of the words, Martha conveys volatility from start to finish of this stunning arrangement. A vulnerable creation that stands out with the fearless approach Martha has taken with the journey.

Martha says, “I have always struggled with holding back my tears, and have often been called oversensitive. This song is a dark nod to these maleficent powers, which I long to harness one day. There is a feeling of nightime danger and glamour, and a relentlessness to the melodies in this song, which keep pushing through the emotional walls they are trying to understand.”

Martha Rose has been active in Berlin’s diverse underground music scene for years, with Close to Close, she makes her debut at the Neukölln-based label Mansions and Millions, the home to many of her longtime collaborators. Close to Close is an organic and introspective meditation, creating an almost dreamlike state of being that feels simultaneously fragile, mournful but also light and full of love. “It mourns closeness gone cold”, Martha explains “and the quiet loss of unspoken fragile intimacy.” Unsurprisingly, the record’s first ideas were conceived during “those lonely months of lockdown“, she remembers.

It took until May 2023 for them to fully come to fruition, working together with producer ET at his studio in Neukölln. Working with vintage drum machine samples, Yamaha keyboards Martha had collected, and lots of live recordings, they created the world of Close to Close. Alongside nods to traditional songs and ballads from Ireland, England, Scotland and the US, inspiration was found in the music of Daniel Johnston, Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins, in literature, childhood memories, fairy tales, and DJ-sets at quintessential Berlin hangouts. “ET asked me lots of important and difficult questions about the songs“, Martha remembers, “to make sure they were forming in the best and most honest way possible.“

Honesty is a common thread binding the dreamy soundscapes together, the lyrics are united by Martha’s bravery to share feelings of loneliness and being vulnerable. “It seems that the overarching theme of love will always be in my music, no matter what I do“, she says, “there are themes of romance, introspection, and loss in this project too.“ These personal experiences serve as a springboard to develop a song, and through the use of fictional or classic characters (such as the ancient Greek figure of Eurydice in the last song) and archetypes, mysticism, fantasy and symbolism then take up a life of their own.

Close to Close is a remarkably concise, softly confident and impressive debut by a seasoned artist with a clear artistic vision and the skills to make these dreams come true. There is bravery in romance, in vulnerability, in softness – and Martha Rose has created the perfect soundscape for it.

Cover Design by Miro Denck

 Close to Close Tracklisting:
1. Gateway Drug
2. The Love in Your Heart
3. Heart Still Beats 4 U
4. Bleu
5. The Same Feeling
6. I Love It All
7. September
8. Never Love Enough
9. Chin Up
10. Reflective Hands
11. Eurydice



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