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Eades Return With New Single “Fade Away” Out via Own Label Bam Bam Records | Single Feature

March 15, 2024
Photo Credit: Joel Johnston

Eades Return With New Single “Fade Away”

Out via Own Label Bam Bam Records

 Independent indie rabble-rousers Eades return with new single ‘Fade Away’ on their own label Bam Bam Records – ushering in a new era for the quintet. 

Transatlantic influences pervade the five-piece’s classic indie sound, glued together by the songwriting partnership of Harry Jordan and Tom O’Reilly. This is no different on ‘Fade Away’ – on which Tom takes the lead. Combining the creative values of Wilco, Sonic Youth and Sparklehorse with the immediacy of The Velvet Underground and The Clash it’s an engaging addition to the band’s oeuvre. 

As they’ve adapted and evolved over the last couple of years – continually touring around the UK, as well as over the shores into Europe – their tight self-produced sound, and story-telling approach has crystalised into a winning calling-card. 

On the themes behind the track – Tom O’Reilly explains: 

“It’s a story that spans from adolescence, into early adulthood and eventually into being middle aged. It’s about coming to terms with not making a dent in life socially or culturally, making peace with normality and accepting that you’ll eventually fade away to be forgotten, but enjoying the ride nonetheless. Complacently enjoying life and living in the moment to a degree that potentially has a negative effect on the future.” 

The track’s opening line and most-repeated refrain makes its first appearance fewer than five seconds in: ‘I feel I’m making my peace, I’ll fade away, I’ll fade away’; this sets the stall out both for the single in question, as well as Eades’ new chapter.  

Eades have released a belter of a track that captures the outfits’ renowned raucous efforts and addictive lyrical appeal. From the first listen it’s clear Eades has turned to this anthemic approach and with the new single “Fade Away“, that statement delivers a true anthem.

Eades have this almighty energy that they lace into their vision, the energy is both addictive and euphonious and can be found embedded not just in their vision but from the songwriting through to the recording process, mirrored to a live setting and clear from their ever-growing fanbase. There is something so charming about Eades that threads this contagious character into their core ensembles. “Fade Away” mirrors that immersive energetic quality and conveys this striking power as the musicians unite to layer up rhythmic hooks and abrasive yet relaxed textures. What starts as a scratchy composition soon evolves, bolstered by the punchy drum beat and following the melodic vocal notes, the track adds these impressive tweaks as the outfit strives to touch on these playful attributes which soon erupt to bring scratchy guitars and buoyant bass beats.

There’s no doubt that working as a band in the UK in this day and age isn’t easy, and the red-eyed rough and tumble takes its toll. Eades wouldn’t have it any other way though – and despite the challenges, a cathartic realisation that if they make music for themselves first and foremost, rather than strive towards pressure-filled visions of grandeur, the creative floodgates will open. 

This ‘build it and they will come’ approach has already seen enviable successes. Photoshoots with iconic photographer Rankin, shout outs from The Guardian, live sessions at Abbey Road Studios, and stand-out sets at Left Of The Dial and The Great Escape, amongst other tastemaker festivals, mark the band out as serious contenders. 

No longer green to the industry – and working on their own terms – Eades are putting theory into practice. Comfortable in their own skin, and taking the wins as they come, there’s no lack of ambition to take their riveting concoctions to the masses. All of this is beholden to a quietly confident maturation that speaks to a band in complete control. As Harry says: 

“We grew and learnt a lot as a band last year making this EP and took a fair amount of risks along the way. We tested the waters working with external producers and mix engineers for the first time which was really cool to see how our music could sound with external ears involved.  

We learnt a lot about the process that has definitely had an impact on how we do things but ultimately we felt we were most happy when we were producing and mixing the tracks ourselves in Bam Bam Studios. Our unique way of doing things has become such a big part of Eades DNA and we’ve realised how lucky we are to have the time and freedom to experiment extensively”. 

Fade Away’ – the new single by Eades – is out on their own label Bam Bam Records now (March 13). 
Eades are Harry Jordan (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar, vocals), Sam Wilde (Bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (Drums) and Tom Barr (Synths, Percussion, Vocals).  




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