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Discover French Mothers – New Single “Giving Up” Out Now via Vandalism Begins At Home Records | Single Feature

March 11, 2024

French Mothers Release New Single “Giving Up”

Out Now via Vandalism Begins At Home Records

Discover French Mothers – a captivating quartet hailing from Leighton Buzzard and a recent addition to the ever-growing Vandalism Beings At Home Records family.

With the VBAH seal of approval, you know you are in for something special. French Mothers capture this immense energy, something you can embrace within their outlook and standout emotional composition. The post-indie trailblazers have just released their new single “Giving Up”.

“Giving Up” is the first release of four singles that the outfit will release this year via VBAH. You can listen to the striking single streaming below.

Immediately there is a trait to this vision, the ensemble sparks an early 2000s influence, as the exploration starts to build and introduce each musician. The guitar tone emerges, and the drums play in, this elongated volatile tone soars in the background and starts to sculpt the impressionable atmosphere, one of which becomes the essential backbone of the arrangement. As each musician dynamically weaves in their touch, the composition expands to allow focus on the electric lead guitar driving force, the standout vocal notes and compelling harmonies that flourish, the wailing tones and the elevated bass notes pulling through the soundscape with this flirty appeal.

This weight to the lyrics and the direction that captures that influence stated above, dominates the drive of this arrangement. The power of the vocals and the immersive combined energy that this journey captures sets this outfit on a higher level. French Mothers have produced something that moves their listeners, and challenges their world once they fully emerge themselves into “Giving Up“. The arrangement pushes itself to this almighty crescendo where each musician conquers this monumental effort whilst still holding onto intimacy in equal parts.

Emotive, cinematic escapism echoes through the creativity of French Mothers and this compelling single. A refreshing listen that cuts emotion to the core of the exploration.

If this is the quality from the first single release, as French Mothers hone in on their pop-rock/indie craft, we can only eagerly await their forthcoming follow-up single releases. The fierce and passionate songwriting here will solidify you as a fan of this band.

“Giving Up” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Bloor and Jonny Price at Lower Lane Studios. With artwork by GARJK.

Of the new single, singer Mark Harris comments “This is a heartbreak anthem. A song about drinking all day with good friends to ease the pain. Drinking away the heartache with every bottle.”

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