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Silent Forum Release New Album “Domestic Majestic” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Album Feature

February 23, 2024

Silent Forum Release New Album “Domestic Majestic”

Out Now via Libertino Records

Silent Forum has been teasing us about their forthcoming, highly anticipated album release “Domestic Majestic”, keeping us excited for the album since they burst back onto the scenes in May last year to drop their first single “Cat Pose”.

Now, following 3 further single releases and pre-order info for their sophomore album, today they finally celebrate the release of that album. We are delighted to share their new 10-track record “Domestic Majestic” which is out via Libertino Records.

Album opener “Yes Man” is the perfect introduction to this vivid collection of tracks, a mammoth insight into the consuming yet vivacious journey Silent Forum embarks on and how they effortlessly transport their listener. For the listener, get settled and enjoy this wild ride.

Yes Man” is a collective effort, this single portrays the complexity of each musician as they unite to explore this expressive ensemble. From the first listen it’s clear Silent Forum has created an exhilarating composition with this abundance of compelling hooks. Be it from the wealth of expressive textures, the deeply contagious melodic vocal delivery, the additional harmonies, the manipulated soundbite, the electronic cadence, the drum breakdowns, or the infectious rhythmic loop flowing throughout, this track keeps on giving. It’s mighty on every level, bold, brash and although lyrically this can feel intimate, the band have released something remarkably daring. Raw abrasive guitar notes stir, this feedback contained but with this unpredictable peak as the tones glide through the expressive landscape. Elevated with futuristic upbeat synth patterns.

Silent Forum has produced this flawless creation, uniting such a wealth of textures, those that have captured this 80’s power hook, those that bring a more contemporary appeal to the composition, but this inventive and unique combination of tones and sounds together exude such an exhilarating partnership. A track that feels wholly new whilst touching on nostalgic roots all at the same time. The use of the layered vocal harmonies that open the track and then join towards the closing has this operatic and theatrical influence which reflects on the magnitude of the composition.

Following that triumphant and anthemic opener, the album leads on to “Here’s The Email”. The second track commences immediately into this sea of vivid textures and a punchy melody ready to hook. Excitement resonates from the weight of the tones throughout, their tonality flourishes and exudes this wild depth. Upbeat infliction reflects from the guitar scales and that buoyancy shimmers amongst this unity of contagious creativity, the track opens up to showcase complex rhythms and this animated bass further provides more depth to this release, the landscape exudes this mammoth structure. Lyrically, oh we get it, we relate, we understand and this lyrical direction and the repetitive loop that reflects from the words to the world that inspired this release. The bold lyrics ooze the affection of the vocal melodies that move the status of those words, it holds a vast array of emotions from the audience too.

Only 2 tracks in and we are experiencing the progression of this outfit, their ability to produce such captivating creations with buoyant lyricism, words that capture heart, sincerity and this immersive fun. Through the lyrics, reality hits but it’s fused with this light-heartedness that we can all relate to.

Treat Yourself”, another single release, is positioned as the third track. This is the release that shows the more mature wordsmith from Silent Forum. A brooding piece that captures that expressionism and emotion. The vision begins with this build of tones sweeping into the soundscape which almost hypes up what is ready to follow. The initial tones make way for the musicians to join, immediately the structure and catchy melody resonates with this almost post-punk touch due to the brooding tonality which emerges. This fused with the full-bodied rich melodic movement completely consumes the listener, a combination of delirious hooks ensues which Silent Forum latch to a seemingly darker contrast, touching on this mesmeric tonal choice. This is the release that produces such raw lyrics, rising to the front of the exploration and allowing the listener to connect to the emotive currents whilst the track digresses into more rhythmic passages. As the journey shifts through such a wealth of textures, eventually brighter tonality shifts and surges whilst the complex bass adds this abrasive, cutting low-end, especially to the break-downs when the gritty and distinct bass comes into its own. The vocal notes simply dazzle when accompanied by the surging additional vocal harmonies, elevating the words with this impressive intensive push. It’s a cutting and mature effort and once again highlights this impressive and diverse range from the outfit.

“Better With You” feels refreshing, whilst seemingly maintaining those 80’s inspired hooks and melancholic flutters, this track evolves to bring more contemporary brooding tones to the forefront. Experimental electronic elements fuse with the dexterous bass beats and the almighty percussion shifting throughout the voyage. The instrumentation continues to grow and enhance the intensity of this composition, Silent Forum hands down have released a track that shows the outfit scaling new creative heights with re-energised confidence. Lyrically, that touch on sincerity we mentioned previously, that depth of heartfelt and soul shimmers to the top of this structure, emitting from the words and the value of the affectionate delivery.

Elsewhere we meet the track “Me But Not Tired”, oh does this give a nod to some classic 80’s rhythms, drawn to the comparison of A Flock of Seagulls here, yet what Silent Forum have delved into feels more extensive and far more innovative for 2024. The track brings this soundbite into focus before the build-up of the animated additions, there is an effortless skill for the band to start their tracks from the ground up and then suddenly show how mammoth their collective textures are. The structure gives space for the musicians to experiment with more gripping textures, mathier guitar rhythms and abrasive tones crushing through the arrangement. Whilst they endeavour to weave such a vast display of layers into the release, “Me But Not Tired” oozes this colossal pop infliction.

Already over halfway through this record and what a sublime range we’ve experienced. Now the band offer up their first single they released, the dancier “Cat Pose”. This track mirrors that of the early 00s/2010s indie pop classic. Their energy seems to have been manipulated into this sonic assault on offer throughout their new single. It’s a very bright composition, exhilarating on every level of this ambitious release. The new track consists of this sharp embrace of dance hooks that leads the atmosphere into the depth of its charismatic and punchy landscape. The heavily layered composition engulfs the audience with the various guitar textures and rhythmic force resonating from each striking pattern. Throughout the animated intensity plays a very neat course uniting lightness with a moody tinge. Ending with a shoutout to Yoga boss Adriene, lyrically Silent Forum has covered so much ground that there is a real ease to connect and relate with this vision.

Tracks such as “The Grand Burstin Hotel” showcase this striking indie energy, a swirling current that bubbles up to this explosive and enigmatic ensemble. “U OK?” hits as hard as the first time you discovered Silent Alarm.

Petrol Station Flowers” will leave you in awe, a track that slows the tempo and becomes this immersive slow burn, from the first introduction you feel the gritty and fat notes, and the shifting vocal harmonies flirt with the ambience. The musicians continue to add to the surging intensive movement that exhilarates the adventure. The track builds up to such an explosive feat. Layered loops, big breakdowns, harmonic whaling guitar passages and the impact of the words fusing with the fierce unison of each musician. This is a blazing composition, allowing a clear shift in its vision to create this soaring atmospherical indie masterpiece.

Then finally the raucous album closer “Little Bird”, this ensemble sears its imprint on the audience, it leaves you longing to be in that landscape once more. The vital final composition offers a sensitivity to proceedings, a tenderness to the production and an infusion of influences to capture something so compelling.

What a record, a sophomore album that captures the immense development and progression of this outfit. The musicians have taken their time to explore their surroundings and reunite to capture their integral creativity as one band. 

Silent Forum are purveyors of something altogether more colourful with their new album, capturing the unparalleled enthusiasm and contagious energy which is reflected in every attribute that has assisted with the formation of their vision. There is a grandeur to their talent and their vision, they keep their audience hooked on their escalating explorations, they capture the air of challenge within each track and what we are left with is an album highlighting a unique collection of tracks infusing such illustrious melodic movements, resulting in this revitalizing and jubilant reinvention. This record has captured this momentous essence, what a triumph.




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