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Nudista Announces New EP “Nothing Makes Sense Until It Does” due 16th May via Sad Club Records & Share New Single “Waiting Line” | Single Feature

February 20, 2024

Nudista Announce New EP “Nothing Makes Sense Until It Does” due 16th May via Sad Club Records

Share New Single “Waiting Line”

Critically acclaimed indie-folk duo, Nudista announce their hotly anticipated second EP, ‘Nothing Makes Sense Until It Does’, which will be released by Sad Club Records on the 16th May.

To celebrate the announcement the band have unveiled their new single, the propulsive ‘Waiting Line’. Drawing on the lo-fi grunge of Slow Pulp and the shoegaze of Alvvays, the band have crafted a slice of vibrant alt-pop that’s run through with a sense of 21st century frustration.

 “‘Waiting line’ is about being frustrated with someone who is constantly trying to escape reality and scared to face life, constantly running away from it” Pilar elaborates. “I also just wanted to write a fun song that gets people shaken up a bit so you can dance off all your frustrations away. As with other tracks on this EP we wanted to introduce a more energetic sound. It’s also a love song I wrote for myself as a compassionate reminder to stay grounded.”

Nudista have just dropped their most anthemic piece to date, through the brighter chords and the sweeping intensity bursting from the power of the instrumentation, this immediate joyous essence oozes from the landscape. The atmosphere embraces this feel-good momentum with the vocal harmonies that lift the vision, whilst the lyrics capture a certain friction penning the angst and frustration, the delivery touches on a bright contrast which adds to the many addictive hooks of the single.

Nudista have shown their flex, they can dip into heavenly ensembles filled with emotive authenticity and they can produce indie pop triumphs and “Waiting Line” is exactly the latter. This pair have this contagious energy, their vision together excels and their arrangements can easily be connected with by their audience. Always in awe of this compelling duo, their forthcoming EP no doubt captures their vivid energy.

As Pilar mentions, the track, along with previous single ‘Different Eyes’, gives a brilliant flavour of what their forthcoming EP, ‘Nothing Makes Sense Until It Does’ is all about. Partly inspired by the liberation that comes with knowing you cannot control everything in your life, the EP blooms with a warm energy that saturates all of the four tracks.

A large part of what these songs are about is an understanding that we do not exist in isolation, let alone create in it” Pilar says. “This whole EP celebrates that, it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the people that have helped us along the way, the emotional support that has made making music possible, the people who have believed in the music and have offered to help in many different ways and all of the people who continue to show support by listening to our music, coming to shows or simply acknowledging us as musicians.

Formed by Pilar Matji Cabello and Robbie Carman while they were both studying at the University of London, nudista came together over a shared love of acts such as Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo and Neil Young. Robbie had been in and out of various bands from his teens, giving him an eclectic range of stylistic influences, while Pilar’s upbringing in her native Spain has also brought something to the band’s sound. Those first recordings became their debut EP, ‘Halfway Here’, written during the pandemic and released via Sad Club Records in 2021. The emotional self-reflection of the duo’s songwriting has only continued to get stronger as they use music to navigate their way through a continuously changing world.

Track List

Different Eyes

Waiting Line

Somebody Else


Live Dates

2nd March – Two Palms – London




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