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Minas Releases New EP “Grazes” Out Now via Silent Kid Records | Release Feature

February 19, 2024

Minas Releases New EP “Grazes”

Out Now via Silent Kid Records

Greek/Welsh Producer and Musician MINAS has been on the radar for a few years now, with a Libertino Records debut album release under the belt, a shortlisted Welsh Music Prize nomination, alongside some explosive live performances and collaborations with the likes of Blue Amber (remix) and Foxxglove to name a few, now MINAS returns with the new EP “Grazes”, which was released 9th February is out now via Silent Kid Records.

MINAS draws inspiration from the boredom and shenanigans that took place growing up in the  circus with parents who were heavily involved in the 1980’s punk scene and holds a mirror up to society, trying to understand it. MINAS doesn’t hold back from discussing heavy personal topics over a blend of spacey soundscapes and his aggressive, punk vocal delivery is reminiscent of IDLES’ blunt writing style and sound. As a respected producer, MINAS is working to build a new sound for the South Wales scene with a number of artists and genres; however, as an artist, he presents his own brutal honesty and lays open a vulnerability for all to hear.

The new 5-track EP establishes MINAS as a vital visionary and an artist with this fearless approach to bring vulnerability, aggression and angst to these compelling soundscapes. The EP offers a fierce collection of almighty worlds, each unique, each razor sharp and each allowing MINAS vocals to expand and hook the audience.

Darker instrumentation and effects swirl the opener “Cutting Off”, as MINAS layers this track with condensed percussive claps hitting the landscape with this remarkable effect, the tones and textures drive the momentum but it is MINAS who is in control of this journey and this is known with the intimate lyrics and it’s powerful delivery. A striking opener. “The Public Ain’t Spoken” follows and brings this industrial flurry to the forefront of the boisterous arrangement, the collaborative composition with MINAS and FREDDY FORBIDDEN exudes this immense aggression to the mix. “Chatty Patty” offers up this hallucinogenic journey built from off-kilter experimental passages which shift through this sonic battle, hooked on the animated textures whilst MINAS brutalist words and energy soar above the intensity and punch the arrangement with this hard infliction.

“I Wish I Could Be 23 Again” is the track that swiftly showcases the expressive nature of this wordsmith, breaking down the ferocity that went before, allowing this atmospherical arrangement to draw the listener in as they embrace the emotive placement of the words and the alternation of the flow. This is MINAS strength, you can ride the aggression with the artist, you can embrace the sincerity, an artist that will take you on this immersive and intimate journey where the mood and the affection strike the audience with such a compelling impact.

As you experience the dynamic range of power from MINAS, the EP ends on the obliterating final single “Stress (Feat. Razkid)“. The track brings that brutalist edge once more with the collaboration with RazKid, together this arrangement devours the audience with their impressive contagious carnage. The final release sat in the best position as it was built to leave you in awe, the attitude of the artists thrives amongst this revved and rhythmic scene, peppered with the ardent bass line and a soundscape that shows no slowing down on friction and ferocity. Ending the EP on this blistering high, with a track that is rapid, commanding and exhilarating.

In all MINAS defies any ties that have been strapped to the artist, you can’t pigeonhole the explosive talent and the range that is on offer throughout this record.  


6-10 March – New Colossus Festival, New York, NY

8 – 16 March  – SXSW, Austin, TX




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