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Julien Chang Announces New EP “Home For The Moment “Out March 1st via Transgressive & Shares EP-Titled Single & Accompanying Video

February 1, 2024

Julien Chang Announces New EP Home For The Moment

Out March 1 via Transgressive

Shares EP-Titled Single & Accompanying Video

SXSW Appearance in March

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julien Chang announces a brand new EP, Home For The Moment – a collection of four songs that releases March 1st, including the lead single, the EP’s title track, “Home For The Moment”, which is out today via Transgressive.

Performed, composed, and produced by Julien, Home For The Moment is a candidly brilliant expression of the emotions he feels in the transition from school to what comes next. “I wrote it from a position “stuck” in between my past and future, and I was therefore irretrievably, obsessively, preoccupied with both.”

Julien Chang elaborates, “these four songs are a candid document of a special moment in my life, and although they are concerned with the complications of this “in-between” time of one’s early twenties, they are also imbued with the confidence and excitement inspired by deep love, long friendships, and energetic community. To say it another way, it is about Baltimore, my home, and the people who live there.”.

The EP’s lead single, the title track “Home For The Moment” is direct and personal, flanked by three intricate guitars beneath Julien’s emotive vocals that build towards the wistful sound. The song is unveiled alongside a nostalgic Lydia Cornett directed video that merges modern visuals and older camcorder footage and blends the aesthetics together seamlessly. ““Home for the Moment” – that is, home for now, soon to leave, at some point anyway, long to decide, under an implicit and self-imposed prohibition against getting too comfortable. It’s a song about returning home and slowing down–against my will but for my soul.

The intricate atmosphere emerges, delicate resonating guitar strings, this twinkling of notes, the shifting string changes and this sincere fragility piercing through the landscape. Compelled by the immediate depth of the composition, Chang’s ethereal vocal harmonies join that tender notion, elevating the vision with this emotive enhancement. The vocal notes are captured in this lo-fi process, the lyrics thread this vision to the movement and the track shifts to this melodic melody of layered harmonies.

“Home For The Moment” offers this fragile voyage which completely hooks the listener, this real connection stirs between the singer and the audience and through the lullaby-esque passages, the instrumentation becomes this infectious backbone to the composition. Julien Chang has delicately crafted and evoked a communal atmosphere, where we can all feel connection, compassion and comfort.

Having already released two critically acclaimed albums, 2019’s debut, Jules, and 2022’s The Sale, Baltimore artist Julien Chang has set a precedent for his breezy, dreamlike sound and vast, ethereal instrumentation.

With the release of Jules, he was met with instant acclaim. Described by The Guardian as “One to watch”, his meteoric rise was praised as an “impossibly sophisticated debut”, while The Independent noted his “mature pop sound that draws in funk and jazz influences for something that feels energetic and fresh.”

Studying Classical and Jazz throughout high school – Julien Chang decided to start making his own music after exploring other genres and principles. Having taken a job at his local grocery store at 17, he began building a studio in his parents basement, adding new elements with each paycheck. Since then his songs have been championed by Annie Mac at BBC Radio OneElton John on his Rocket Hour show on Apple Music radio and featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds playlists.

1. Home For The Moment

2. Imago

3. Looking At People

4. You Have The World

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