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Halo Maud Shares New Single and Video “My Desire Is Pure” – New Album “Celebrate” Out March 22nd via Heavenly Recordings

February 14, 2024
Press shot credit: Adrien Selbert

Halo Maud Shares New Single & Video

 “My Desire Is Pure”

New Album Celebrate

Out March 22 via Heavenly

Follows Recent Collaborations with The Chemical Brothers

With her anticipated new album Celebrate due out March 22 via Heavenly Recordings, and having previously shared videos for “Terres Infinies” and “Pesnopoïka”, now Halo Maud shares her irresistible new single “My Desire Is Pure” from the album. Starting off as a spiraling dream-pop glide that sits perfectly atop a lazy shuffling drum loop, “My Desire Is Pure” opens out into a gorgeous chorus that throws the curtains wide open and declares Spring is here, two months early. The track comes accompanied by a captivating video which features Maud frolicking in the snowy French Alps.

Halo Maud has this ability to produce such intoxicating landscapes with a delirious melody, “My Desire Is Pure” ticks that once more, immediately captivating as the track escalates into this euphoric intensity. The electronic elements of this track keep the momentum with these punchy percussive shuffles and swirling synth notes, the guitar loops and injects more abrasive elements into the already expansive exploration. Halo Maud has created this labyrinth of addictive loops and textures, a complex and consuming landscape for those fierce vocal harmonies and infectious melodies to bounce off. Throughout, the intensity shifts and the audience is ready to embrace the ferocity of Halo Maud.

Commentating on the track Halo Maud says: “The song is built around the ascending melody found in the refrain and also the phrase which became the title. I realized, once the song was completed, that it was constructed resembling a mountain: an ascending and descending melody providing relief, an arid guitar riff like boulders. And there is space: there aren’t many words and each sung phrase is punctuated by an instrumental motif, flowerbeds, a grove. From the vocals flow the desire, a pure and clear water source pouring into a stream. The stream watering the green prairies below. Desire as a source of life, freshness, creativity, perpetual movement. I adore this state of insatiability which compels me forward. I wanted to say that I live as a function of my desires, and that this desire never ends but transforms, into love, into songs, into a walk in the forest.”

On the video she adds: “Mountains have always been a magical place for me, triggering an instant feeling of fullness. Hence I asked Adrien Selbert to go filming in the French Alps. We wanted whiteness, of course, the symbolic purity of the snow. Physical effort and animality. We wanted almost nothing, except an unexpected outcome.”

Those multiple waves are Celebrate’s twelve tracks. Collectively, they offer a seamless mix of French and English; analogue electronics, scratchy guitars and tumbling drums; dream pop, woozy Yé-Yé and 1960s and 2020s psychedelia. Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, it’s a glorious mix that has the ability to leave the listener blissfully disorientated.

Celebrate arrives a few months after For That Beautiful Feeling, the tenth album by The Chemical Brothers that Maud provided vocals for much of (including two of the lead singles – Live Again and Skipping Like A Stone with Beck, as well as the albums’ hazy title track). While that band’s influence might not be obvious on Celebrate, their dedication to pulling glorious psychedelic sounds out of the whatever instrumentation they find is very much in evidence. In the case of Iceberg – a cover of Fred Frith’s blissful Anthropocene hymn recorded with fellow French artist Flavien Berger – that’s instrumentation is mainly just a pair of human voices against a swirling beatless ambient backdrop. The result is utterly intoxicating.

“After I discovered the album Nous Autres by Rene Lussier and Fred Frith, I started recording my voice alone, rough, then constructed everything around it like a puzzle. Flute pieces pitched, displaced, interspersed. It was a solitary and chaotic process and extremely galvanizing. Then I dreamed, once again. This time I saw Flavien Berger in a kind of strange festival. I took it as a sign and wrote him the next day. And he told me, ‘I listened to it often. I heard it in my dreams.’”

An album of songs that blur language, and songs that visit people in dreams. Songs that draw a line between the mind-expanding sounds of the first wave of global psychedelia and the music made by their modern day descendants. A record inspired by sci-fi as much as by a single guitar. So much to Celebrate. Time to join that party!

1. Celebrate

2. Terres Infinies

3. My Desire Is Pure

4. Last Day Song

5.Slowly Surely

6. Catch The Wave

7. Le Ciel Est Grand

8. You Float (feat Greg Saunier)

9. A Te Voir

10. Iceberg (feat Flavien Berger)

11. Pesnopoïka1

12. Entends – Tu Ma Voix



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