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Caleb Landry Jones Announces New Album “Hey Gary, Hey Dawn” Out April 5th via Sacred Bones Records & Shares New Single “Corn Mine”

February 15, 2024
‘Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’ artwork by Caleb Landry Jones


Announces new album ‘Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’
Out April 5th on Sacred Bones

Caleb Landry Jones, the enigmatic and multi-talented artist, has announced the release of his fourth album, Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’ on April 5th via Sacred Bones.
Renowned as a multi-instrumentalist, crafting intricate cinematic works that hover on the fringes of prog, Jones breaks new ground with a deliberate focus on live performance for his latest record. Jones has intentionally designed “Hey Gary, Hey Dawn” with the live stage in mind, a previously missing element in his musical career.
The album announcement comes as Jones is currently amidst a month-long residency at C-Boy’s in Austin, Texas, which will culminate in a standout performance at SXSW. The residency serves as a precursor to a series of planned US and international tours, promising to bring the album’s electrifying energy to audiences worldwide.
The music is Jones’s heaviest to date, and though often reticent about direct influences and resistant to categorisations, he weaves a sonic tapestry that hints at punk and grunge elements within his signature kaleidoscopic symphonies. “It’s not for me to say what it is. I’m only here to give it up,” he asserts, emphasizing the individual listening experience. But even though these songs are his most succinct, they are anything but simple. Over 20 talented musicians, including a quartet, contributed to the album, adding layers of depth and complexity to this dynamic collection of songs that seamlessly traverse a multitude of genres.
Along with the announcement comes first single “Corn Mine”, a dreamy, leisurely romp, where orchestral flourishes twinkle and punctuate a lolloping bass-line and ruminative lyrics.
As is often the case with his music videos, the accompanying visual conjures a weird and wonderful alternate universe, this time featuring Caleb quite literally down a hand-crafted mine shaft filled with corn. Directors Lewie & Noah Kloster explain how the video came together: “When Caleb sent us the demos for his new record, we listened maybe 10 times through on account of it being so difficult to find our favourite track. They were all so good. We finally landed on a favourite: “Corn Mine.” So we called Caleb back up… “We have a favourite: Corn Mine. And we already have the idea for the video.” Caleb trepidatiously asked what the idea was. We replied, “Corn mine. Noah and I will build a corn mine. And then, you’ll be in the corn mine.” Caleb fell silent for a moment and said, “Y’know, that was a temporary title for that song… But now I guess it’s the permanent name for the song. Let’s do it.”

We spent the next couple of months ordering bulk corn, cobs, and toy trains from the internet. We built the mine from styrofoam and chicken wire. We built it in 3 large sections that connect in order to fit it up the stairs to spray paint the tunnel on our roof. We modified the train to move extremely slow, went through about 60lbs of corn, and 120 hot glue sticks. Finally, once the mine was complete, Caleb flew through the night out to NYC and we put his head in the hole. None us had slept the night before shooting, which added a great mood to the video. We blacked out our studio windows and suffocated ourselves with a fog machine all day. When we finally wrapped, we felt like it had been a lifetime down in the mines together. The video birthed an everlasting artistic friendship. We love CLJ and can’t wait to work together again.”

Caleb returns with this theatrical immersive exploration. Caleb Landry Jones continues to dazzle in each role undertaken. Whilst devouring the musical world, the first taste of the new album captures Caleb’s standout character, the ability to produce an arrangement with this connective aspect, embracing a rhythmic role as the dynamic vocal range explores new heights, backed by the intricate drum shuffle and the dazzling notes. Caleb Landry Jones manages to craft such hypnotic arrangements with this wild adventure at the heart of the journey.

Since his last album ‘Gadzooks Vol. 2’ Caleb Landry Jones has been steadfast in making visual art, some of which graces the album art for Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’. Simultaneously, he has continued to captivate audiences on the big screen, starring in Luc Besson’s acclaimed film Dogman and preparing for his next role in Two Wolves.
‘Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’ is a testament to Caleb Landry Jones’s artistic evolution, demonstrating his ability to push boundaries while maintaining a distinct and indescribable quality. With a blend of intensity, vulnerability, and musical virtuosity, Jones invites listeners to embark on a journey that transcends traditional genres, promising an immersive experience that resonates long after the final note.

Caleb Landry Jones live dates:
Feb 7 – Austin, Texas – C-Boy’s (w/ The Bad Lovers)
Feb 14 – Austin, Texas – C-Boy’s (w/ TBA)
Feb 21 – Austin, Texas – C-Boy’s (w/ Billy Glitter, Pelvis Wrestley)
Feb 28 – Austin, Texas – C-Boy’s (w/ Billy Glitter, Pelvis Wrestley)
Mar 14 – Austin, Texas – SXSW, FLOODFEST showcase
Mar 15 – Austin, Texas – SXSW, Hotel Vegas showcase
April 1 – NY – Sultan Room
April 3 – Los Angeles – Zebulon
‘Hey Gary, Hey Dawn’ track list:
1. Hey Dawn
2. Too Sharp To Be My Carrot
3. The Moonkey Light
4. Spot A Fly
5. Corn Mine
6. Your Favorite Song
7. Hey Gary
8. The Bonzo Bargain
9. Spiders In The Trees
10. Masandoia
11. He Sued His Wife
12. Useless
13. The Pageant Thieves

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