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Trinket Share New Single “Halo 22” & Announce Debut EP “New Hobby” Due 29th February via Sad Club Records | Single Feature

January 23, 2024
Matthew Marino



New York jangle-poppers, Trinket are without doubt going to have their biggest year to date in 2024, and they’re off to a stunning start with the woozy new single ‘Halo 22’, out now on Sad Club Records.

Mixing their twee and indie pop influences with a touch of slowcore, similar to contemporaries like Sadurn and icons like Low, ‘Halo 22’ is a beautiful, languid track that marks an atmospheric high-point of the band’s forthcoming EP.

Halo 22 is a self-dialogue about running away from something that’s good” guitarist/vocalist M.K. explains. “It’s about trying to stop yourself from sabotaging something because that is the narrative you’ve carved out for yourself. This song is definitely the slowest/saddest/spaciest thing we’ve released so far, and probably the one that hits the closest to where I was at during the time we recorded these songs last winter. It’s hard to believe sometimes when something you’ve wanted is happening to you that you deserve it and that it can be uncomplicated.”

The woozy landscape draws you in almost immediately, once the sweeping rhthyms and emotive harmonic push combine, this expressive creation boasts a wealth of hooks and complexity. The guitar tonality and looped driving passage creates this hypnotic motion, joined with the flouctating low end and the punchy percussive hits, Trinket‘s ability to form this immersive and vast soundscape exudes this lo-fi energy whilst experimental elements flourish.

Trinket have delivered this melancholic creation filled with intricate melodies and introspective lyrics, the intimacy of the words lifted by the vocal delivery. The harmonies explore this dynamic range whilst positioned through the squelchy and powerful shifts.

As “Halo 22” moves towards this almighty influx in power, the musicians adapt the level of abrasiveness and add to this sonically explosive crescendo.

The power of this single is enough to excite for the forthcoming EP, Trinket have captured this crucial appeal within their vision. The tones and intensity touch on a familiar comfort whilst they bring their own refreshing influence to their world.

Titled ‘New Hobby’ as something of a joke given how seriously the band have been taking their new musical venture, their debut EP is a beautiful summation of their song-writing journey so far.

The songs from this EP all came about as my first few songs writing for a band. I started writing these songs around summer 2021” M.K. elaborates. “I had just gotten fired from a really terrible job, and was unemployed and really had time to throw my all into Trinket. Having that time to work on this band and record these songs felt like such a gift, and gave me the opportunity to really learn how to write, record songs, and manage my own band.

Previous single ‘Figure Skater’ received praise from the likes of DIY, Clash, For the Rabbits and Atwood Magazine, as well as playlist support from So Young and Rough Trade and plays on BBC 6 Music.  

Originally started as a solo project for songwriter Madison Kate (vocals, guitar), she was quickly joined by like-minded friends Basil Lee (drums) and Nara Avakian (bass), as well as co-writer and occasional live member Sean Camargo, and Trinket was born.

The band’s name was chosen as it represents a strong sense of their sound, something tender and sentimental, and that quilts together their shared love of jangle pop, shoegaze, and twee. The Sarah Records bands that initially inspired them have proven to be a jumping off point for their first songs and recordings as the band explore their sound.

Listening to Heavenly, Brighter, Dolly Mixture and The Wake, this sound subconsciously weaved its way into what we started to write M.K. explains. “It feels so full circle to be working with a UK-based label on this release.”

Figure Skater

Silver Thread

New Hobby

Halo 22

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