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Silent Forum Announce New Album “Domestic Majestic” due 23rd February via Libertino & Share New Single + Video “Yes Man” | Release Feature

January 30, 2024
Photos By Bethan Miller

Silent Forum Announce New Album “Domestic Majestic” due 23rd February via Libertino Records

& Share New Single “Yes Man”

Last summer we welcomed the joyous return of Cardiff (via various cities across the world) based-band Silent Forum. Following a few years since their 2019 debut album release “Everything Solved At Once” which was released towards the later end of the year via Libertino, the outfit returned with this almighty exuberance, bringing with them a refreshing take on new material and a mature development. During their absence, the 4-piece outfit spread out and now split their time between Cardiff, London, Bristol and Barcelona. We’ve all heard that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but distance has been key for this band as they now share details of their sophomore album “Domestic Majestic” which is due to be released on 23rd February.

The new 10-track album can be described as containing some tongue-in-cheek humour throughout, the themes of Domestic Majestic” revolve around self-care in the face of the difficult and mundane early-2020s. With the three singles they’ve already shared from the record, those titled “Cat Pose”, “Treat Yourself” and “Here’s The Email”, we’ve already got to experience the band’s impressive glow-up. They’ve given us a taste of these bright, melodic and impressionable compositions, all of which leave the listener inspired- a theme that will soon consume you as you embrace the new record.

As we stated previously, their debut album was nothing short of a masterpiece but with the three tracks they’ve shared so far already Silent Forum has effortlessly evolved, their progression as an outfit signals this captivating identity, and they’ve honed in on their unique sound and even better, their impressive energy. To be able to share their inventive power through their new release and provide such a connection between audience and artist, Silent Forum collectively, they are delivering.

Now, to celebrate the news of the forthcoming record, which you can pre-order here, today the band share their new single “Yes Man”– listen below.

“Yes Man” is rightfully positioned as the new album’s opener, the first mammoth insight into the vivid journey Silent Forum embarks on and how they effortlessly transport their listener.

This is a collective effort, this single portrays the complexity of each musician as they unite to explore this expressive ensemble. From the first listen it’s clear Silent Forum has created an exhilarating composition with this abundance of compelling hooks. Be it from the wealth of expressive textures, the deeply contagious melodic vocal delivery, the additional harmonies, the manipulated soundbite, the electronic cadence, the drum breakdowns, or the infectious rhythmic loop flowing throughout, this track just keeps on giving.

It’s mighty on every level, bold, brash and although lyrically this can feel intimate, the band have released something remarkably daring. Raw abrasive guitar notes stir, this feedback contained but with this unpredictable peak as the tones glide through the expressive landscape. Elevated with futuristic upbeat synth patterns.

Silent Forum has produced this flawless creation, uniting such a wealth of textures, those that have captured this 80’s power hook, those that bring a more contemporary appeal to the composition, but this inventive and unique combination of tones and sounds together exude such an exhilarating partnership. A track that feels wholly new whilst touching on nostalgic roots all at the same time. The use of the layered vocal harmonies that open the track and then join towards the closing has this operatic and theatrical influence which reflects on the magnitude of the composition.

“Yes Man” simply put, is a timeless anthemic arrangement.

Silent Forum have defined their originality, they are about to release an album that covers such an expansive movement, where their influences and sounds have somewhat of a familiar connection. But Silent Forum are purveyor of something altogether more colourful, the unparalleled enthusiasm and contagious energy is reflected in every attribute that has assisted with the formation of their vision. There is a grandeur to their talent and their vision, integral to the importance of “Domestic Majestic”, as the musicians create this unique collection of tracks infusing such illustrious melodic movements, resulting in this revitalizing reinvention.

Of the track, Yes Man’s opening and closing choral sections were devised by producer Charlie Francis over 2 years after the band had written the bulk of the track. The lyrics relate to life working under a psychopath, again neatly fitting into the album’s self-care theme.

Domestic Majestic Tracklist

1. Yes Man
2. Here’s the Email
3. Treat Yourself
4. Better with You
5. Me but not Tired
6. Cat Pose
7. The Grand Burstin Hotel
8. Petrol Station Flowers
9. U OK?
10. Little Bird




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