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Mary Timony Unveils New Single/Video “Summer” – New Album “Untame The Tiger” out 23rd of February on Merge Records

January 30, 2024
Photo Credit: Chris Grady


Unveils New Single/Video “Summer”

Untame The Tiger out 23rd of February on Merge Records

Mary Timony  singer, songwriter, and guitar legend – now presents the new single/video “Summer” from Untame the Tiger (out February 23rd on Merge), her first new solo album in 15 years.

Following lead single “Dominoes” and the more stripped-back follow-up “The Guest,” “Summer” sees Mary lean into a more hard-rocking approach before exploding into twin guitar solos at the end, reaffirming her guitar hero reputation. “I wanted it to be a guitar stomper kind of in the vein of The Kinks, Jethro Tull or Elf and have simultaneous guitar solos at the end,” says Mary. 

The tone and the expressive guitar notes, immediately this raucous and rock style consume you, a classic Mary Timony sound. Mary continues to release these mammoth tracks that identify as a marvel, “Summer” embraces such raw attributes and a boisterous and exhilarating landscape, a new track that exudes the legendary qualities of this musician. Filled with immense hooks and this lasting touch, this track embraces such an immortal essence.

Praised by Rolling Stone as one of the “Greatest Guitarists of All Time,” Mary has built her reputation off of “rewriting the guitar rulebook” for over 30 years. Throughout her career, Mary has cut a distinctive path through the world of independent music, most recently as vocalist and guitarist of acclaimed garage-pop power trio Ex Hex but also as a member of seminal post-punk band Autoclave, celebrated leader of the deeply influential Helium, multifaceted solo artist, and a co-founder of supergroup Wild Flag. Described by Sleater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein as “Mary Shelley with a guitar” and dubbed “a trailblazer and an innovator” by (Mary’s former guitar student) Lindsey Jordan a.k.a. Snail Mail, Mary has distinguished herself as one of her generation’s most influential guitarists and songwriters.

Untame the Tiger picks up the thread woven through Timony’s freak-folk-anticipating solo albums of the early ’00s. Basic tracks were recorded at Studio 606 in Los Angeles, with Timony backed by Dave Mattacks, drummer of legendary British folk-rock band Fairport Convention. Produced by Mary Timony, Joe Wong (composer on Master of None,Russian DollThe Midnight Gospel, Krapopolis, host of The Trap Set podcast), and Dennis Kane, the mystical, guitar-driven Untame the Tiger emerged after the dissolution of a long-term relationship, and was bookended by the deaths of Timony’s father and mother. Untame the Tiger approaches these emotions head on, and is a startling document of an artist fully coming into her own power during the fourth decade of her career. It is the product of lessons learned during life-altering struggle.

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