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feeo Announces New EP “run over” Due  March 21st – New Single “it was then that i” Out Now

January 19, 2024
Photo Credit: Daniela Germade
Styling: Kit Rimmer 

feeo Announces New EP run over for March 21st

New single “it was then that i out now

Experimental songwriter and producer feeo – the artistic alias of musician and multidisciplinary artist Theodora Laird – announces her new EP run over for March 21st

It follows last year’s  Ah, Hunger! EP and 2021 debut feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it which have so far seen feeo acclaimed by Pitchfork, The New York Times, The Wire, The FADER, DAZED, CRACK, gal-dem, CLASH, NOTION,  and COLORS; and BBC 6 Music, 1Extra and Radio 1

Channelling a unique combination of styles and influences feeo’s practice revolves around a principle of immersive storytelling, with a particular focus on the tension between micro and macro narratives. Selections of contextual original writing underpin the concepts she explores (see further down). 

The new EP follows on in this creative process, and cannot be observed in a vacuum – as feeo explains: 

“‘Ah, Hunger!’ was a dissection of scarcity; the absence of satisfaction, the politics of wanting. The ‘run over’ EP is, in a sense, the inverse of these themes, intended to be read in relation to ‘Ah, Hunger!’. 

‘run over’ focusses on excess – the fall out that follows satiation. This theme is present narratively across the writing, but also embedded in my approach to production for each composition. Sonically I was exploring the dynamics between excess and sparsity as a conscious reflection of the wider themes underpinning the project.” 

it was then that that i’ – the first single taken from the run over EP – is an apt commencement, distilling this thought process into a singular piece of bodily ephemera: 

“‘it was then that i’ is about a moment, as brief or fleeting as it may be, where you find yourself completely satiated. You could not ask for more, overwhelmed by the sense of the divine that you have found in the body of your partner.”  

The new single captures intimacy, beauty and this stirring journey. Built upon a loop of minimalist tones and allows feeo to captivate the audience with the expressive vocal harmonies and the immense range of this breathtaking composition. The flow of the tones that build the structure adds to this infectious hook, moving with this gentle ease and allowing the lyrics to float above the sounds simply. The lyrics deliver such fragility too, it’s personal and by bringing this to the world’s attention and the influx of emotion that carries the expressive journey, it feels like an honour for the listener to get to experience this world.

Drawing lines between mechanical and metaphysical, the production was an exercise in finding fullness through sparsity and simplicity, attempting to sonically mirror those moments of completion found through intimacy. 

feeo first came to prominence as a vocalist after featuring on Loraine James’ Hyperdub release For You And I in 2019, before launching into her own creative space. In 2021 she was named BBC Introducing Oxford’s Artist of the Year following her debut EP, and in 2023 she was Awarded PRS’ Women Make Music Fund. Recognition from peers has come in the form of co-signs from Arlo ParksMarika Hackman, and Bradley Zero, and she has performed alongside the likes of Contour, Mica Levi, Coby Sey and NUKULUK

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