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TR/ST Shares New Single “Robrash” + Instrumental Version & Signs To Dais Records

December 14, 2023
Photo credit: Latex Lucifer


Shares new single “Robrash” + Instrumental Version
 Signs To Dais Records – EP and More Coming 2024

The dark electronic pop dialect of Robert Alfons aka TR/ST (fka Trust) emerged fully formed in 2010, and quickly sent ripples through the vibrant Toronto underground, culminating in 2012’s cult classic debut, TRST. Subsequent world tours and a permanent relocation to Los Angeles further widened the project’s horizons, which Alfons refined and distilled across three more widely celebrated full-lengths: Joyland (2014), The Destroyer – Part One (2019), and The Destroyer – Part Two (2019).

Fittingly, TR/ST’s next chapter will unfold in partnership with LA / NYC’s prime institution of adventurous music, Dais Records. To christen the union, Alfons has announced a swooning new single, “Robrash,” which was co-produced by Nightfeelings and mixed by the legendary Nick Launay.

Robrash” is available today alongside its instrumental version and is a dramatic preview of what’s to come from TR/ST in 2024. 

Sinister, brash and completely alluring- TR/ST has this immense power to captivate the listener with the expressive textures and industrial hooks of this mighty landscape.

The lyrics sit with this intrusive essence, placed within the realms of the mammoth beats and colossal force of the intensive instrumentation. But the harmonies soften the chaos and direct this emotive influence through the bold and essential sound. The wealth of textures grow and the melody elevates this ensemble to another level as the fierce notions embed further within the vision.


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