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Rad Releases 23 – Teenage Tom Petties

December 30, 2023

Rad Releases 23 – Teenage Tom Petties

Our annual end-of-year feature is finally here, the time we enjoy the most where we spend the final two weeks of the year discussing the music that made 2023 special. Our Rad Releases feature is now in its 13th year, and we love sharing the site with musicians, labels, and promoters as we discuss their year in music. We take a personal look back on familiar names’ most loved releases of the past 12 months. It’s a time we enjoy and look forward to, through the contributions we get to find new music discoveries, and releases we may have missed throughout the year. 

Our next feature as we rapidly head to the end of the year, comes from an outfit that has appeared on a few of these lists already for their own album. Teenage Tom Petties released their sophomore album “Hotbox Daydreams” on November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US). Hitting the world towards the tale end of the 2023 and yet still making its way to become so many peoples’ top record of the year. Teenage Tom Petties is a slacker indie punk band split between Wiltshire, England and Portland, USA. Created by vocalist and guitarist Tom Brown, (also of the jangle pop duo Rural France), Teenage Tom Petties features Jim Quinn on bass, Galen Richmond and James Brown on guitar, and Jeff Hamm on drums.

We are delighted to chat to Tom and find out more about his year in music…

1. M.J Lederman – And The Wind (Live And Loose!)

Never had a live album as my AOTY before. I adored Boat Songs last year, but live it just goes to another level. The guitars!

2. Lemon Twigs – Endless Harmony

The record’s title says it all. Beautifully melodic. I feel like I’ve known these songs all my life. I think there’s real bravery in going all in on the production too.

3. Blur – The Ballad of Darren

The second half of the record took some time to sink in, but now I find the whole album really moving. Nostalgic and misty-eyed in the best ways possible.

4. Greg Mendez – s/t

I bought this on tape and I think it’s the perfect medium for it. It’s like listening to a record your (absurdly talented) friend made without thinking about releasing it.

5. Tommy Oeffling – Cardigan Hate Train

This was a late discovery, but it has that perfect mix of melody, fuzzy guitars and mumbling for me – it’s firmly in my happy place.

The best show you have played this year/gig attended

Our show at the Windmill, Brixton is probably the favourite show I’ve ever played (granted it’s only my tenth.). I’ve spent many a Saturday night there, so to play one was all kinds of fun.

I’ve not made many gigs this year, but watching Wandering Summer, Sumos, Dignan Porch and The Planes on the SSH mini tour was really inspiring.

Your own highlight of the year

It has to be recording ‘Hotbox Day’ at Big Nice Studios in Providence with Bradford Krieger. Working with Brad was a dream and I got to make the big fuzzy American rock record I’d always dreamed of.

Has there been any record that’s got you through this year?

Probably the Lemon Twigs record. It arrived just as summer began, but it saw me through autumn and into winter perfectly.

Best musical discovery this year?

Jim and SSH have been putting out some great stuff. Stuart Pearce in particular has me really excited. I really want to see them live.

Artist/Band to watch for 2024

I’m really enjoying the Greg Hunt album (‘Try Not To Laugh’) that just came out. Any record described as ‘Dust Brothers producing Paul Westerberg’ will get me pumped. I expect that will see me into 2024 nicely.

Plans for the New Year

TTP plans are slowly taking shape, and I have a Rural France record out in April that I’m really excited for people to hear.

Thank you so much Tom, here’s to that new Rural France record!

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