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The Fauns Announce New Album “How Lost” due January 19th via Invada Records & Share New Single “Mixtape Days”

November 22, 2023
Photo credit: Roberto Vivancos


Announce new album ‘How Lost’ due Jan 19th via Invada
Share new single/video “Mixtape Days”

New tour dates announced

After a decade-long hiatus, Bristol-based shoegaze ensemble, The Fauns, have reemerged from their secret bunker with eagerly anticipated third album, ‘How Lost‘ set for release Jan 19th, 2024 via Invada and today are sharing their new single & video “Mixtape Days. Following the announcement of the December date at the Cavendish Arms, their first live show since 2015, the band today share details of further shows in conjunction with Rough Trade.

On “Mixtape Days”, the band said “Inspired by late eighties London (Camden in particular) at the height of the indie and new wave era. Back when a 120 minute mixtape was the soundtrack to your life. Seventeen years old, eyes obscured by hair, ripped jeans, pushing through the crowd, headphones on, lost in the delay.”

What an almighty and explosive return. The track sweeps into this euphoric cadence and the grooves break through the tones to define the rhythmic appeal of this movement, it’s immediately mesmeric. The delicate harmonies glide through the complexity and touch this delicate nature brimming with affection, allowing further stirring qualities to shine through the vast atmosphere.

The Fauns’ journey began in 2007, self-releasing their eponymous debut album in 2009, followed by the 2013 release of “Lights.” These two works garnered warm acclaim from both critics and fervent shoegaze-loving fanbase alike – arriving into an atmosphere rekindled by the return of My Bloody Valentine.
Reflecting on their earlier work, Michael Savage shares: “Listening back, the first album serves as a diary chronicling our evolution from utter novices in the recording process to becoming proficient. The second album signified a solidification of The Fauns sound.  I try my best to remain partially idiotic about recording. The idiosyncrasy is part of our sound; we’re not aiming for excessive polish.”
Throughout the 2010s, the band toured relentlessly across Europe, sharing the stage with Creation label act The Telescopes for a number of shows. A European support tour with French doomgazers Alcest broadened The Fauns’ reach, and during this period they recorded sessions for BBC Radio 6 Music and XFM, even winning Steve Lamacq’s coveted rebel playlist accolade.
The creation of their third album “How Lost,” unfolded gradually over the subsequent years, led by three original members: Michael Savage, Alison Garner, and Guy Rhys Davies. In 2019, accomplished soundtrack composer Will Slater joined the band, catalyzing an intensified period of songwriting. The push and pull between Savage and Slater’s recording styles producing interesting and unique results. 
This latest album bridges The Fauns’ transformation from their earlier incarnation to their current evolution. The tracks traverse a spectrum of styles, ranging from intricate, guitar-driven sci-fi fantasies to industrial-tinged new wave compositions. The hallmark shoegaze elements are now stretched over gritty pulsating electro beats. 
Savage explains their creative direction, stating, “We were determined not to tread familiar ground with the third album. We consciously chose to veer away from shoegaze conventions, infusing our music with elements of electro and disco. It’s been a delicate balancing act, but we think it works nicely.”
Moreover, the album marks a shift in lyrical themes and attitude. Poignant tracks coexist with narratives of vodka-infused nights in dimly lit clubs, reflecting a departure from introspection. “This album is less about the melancholy associated with the genre and more about getting our audience dancing.”

See The Fauns live:
7th December – The Cavendish Arms, London
19th Jan – Rough Trade East, London
20th Jan – Rough Trade, Bristol
21st Jan – Rough Trade, Nottingham

How Lost tracklist:
1. Mixtape Days
2. Shake Your Hair
3. How Lost
4. Afterburner
5. Doot Doot
6. Clear
7. Modified 
8. Dark Discotheque
9. Spacewreck


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