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Sybs Release Brand New Single “Gwacter” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Special

November 23, 2023

Sybs Release Brand New Single “Gwacter”

Out Now via Libertino

Cardiff post-punk/noise pop band SYBS have just shared their new single “Gwacter” (Emptiness), the first single from their long-anticipated debut album. The new single is streaming below and out via Libertino Records.

Osian, SYBS’ singer and songwriter explains the writing process for ‘Gwacter’: “‘Gwacter’ was written while I was living in London and had to travel back and forth a lot of the time to Cardiff. The words are definitely inspired by the experience of seeing a number of familiar venues in Cardiff closing down and being demolished, and then going back to London which seemed to be changing and morphing all the time at an incredibly fast rate. This obviously worried me at the time, and unfortunately, the situation hasn’t changed much by today.”

As for the music, I remember writing it very late at night after watching the film ‘Lost in Translation’ for the first time. I believe this had a big impact on the atmosphere of the song, which marks the start to the darker second half of the album.”

Gwacter starts with this colossal build-up, immediately the listener is drawn to the atmosphere that develops with this darker distinction from the get-go. Fierce textures lash through the soundscape amplified with the cymbal hits. The lead guitar rhythms ooze such distinct characteristics into the general appeal of this mammoth ensemble. It’s moody, melodic and moving. The gritty tonality and addictive energy cascade throughout the exploration and exude this raucous appeal, SYBS dominate their space and provides this enthralling ensemble ready to compel their audience.

The striking power of this outfit takes you back, this track showcases the appeal of the outfit and their promise, that their debut album will be worth the wait.




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