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Omni Announce New Album “Souvenir” out February 16th 2024 via Sub Pop & Shares Lead Single “Exacto”

November 7, 2023



On February 16th, 2024, Atlanta trio Omni will release Souvenir, their fourth album and second for Sub Pop, available worldwide on CD/LP/DSP. 

Souvenir finds guitarist Frankie Broyles, singer/bassist Philip Frobos, and drummer Chris Yonker converting their creative fuel into sharp, driving songs that land immediately, sporting chopping riffs, staccato beats, and wiry melodies. Each track is a compact unit that stands on its own, reflecting the time and place in which it was created.

Omni has today shared an official video for their lead single, “Exacto,” directed by Zach Pyles, concept by Frankie Broyles, Chris Yonker, and Zach Pyles.

7 years on from our introducing feature on this band and they continue to deliver some of the most progressive and infectious ardent ensembles, “Exacto” exudes this immense energy. That energy from the musician blazes into the landscape with the drum shuffles, big cymbal hits, ardent instrumentation, scratch stop-starts, booming bass notes and complex lyrics. A vivid, wild release with fun injected into the angular attributes.

The band shares about the new single: “Exacto was born from a fruitful writing session one night at our main getaway in Vienna, GA. The power in the guitar leads and rhythm were immediately conjured. Lyrics and melodies were written in the back of a van in Sacramento, thinking of being left on the shelf, imagining the odd things people do for attention from people they love and strangers alike.”
And yes, that’s a real TV falling from a 10-story parking deck in downtown Atlanta. No, we did not ask permission. No one was hurt in the making of this video.

Omni has also announced headline shows in 2024 supporting Souvenir, with the band returning to the UK and Ireland for a string of dates in April.

Tickets for these shows are on sale this Friday, November 10th at 9am.

Catch Omni live in 2024:

Apr. 10 – Brighton, UK – The Green Door Store
Apr. 11 – Bristol, UK – Strange Brew
Apr. 12 – Falmouth, UK – Cornish Bank
Apr. 14 – Dublin, IE – Workman’s Cellar
Apr. 15 – Glasgow, UK – Hug & Pint
Apr. 16 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
Apr.. 17 – Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
Apr. 18 – Birmingham, UK – Hare & Hounds
Apr. 19 – Margate, UK – Where Else?
Apr. 20 – London, UK – Moth Club

Souvenir can now be pre-ordered in the UK and Europe.

Orders direct from Sub Pop’s Mega Mart 2 (the new European sibling to the Sub Pop Mega Mart) will receive the the limited Loser Edition on Transparent Silver Souvenir Swirl (while supplies last).

More about Souvenir:

The music of Atlanta trio Omni has always swung fast and hit hard. And Souvenir, their fourth album and second for Sub Pop, packs their biggest punch yet. Inactive during the majority of the pandemic–the longest downtime in their history–they approached this recording with lots of pent-up energy. Guitarist Frankie Broyles, singer/bassist Philip Frobos, and drummer Chris Yonker converted their creative fuel into sharp, driving songs that land immediately, sporting chopping riffs, staccato beats, and wiry melodies.

Why does Souvenir sound so sharp? Because each track is a compact unit that stands on its own, reflecting the time and place in which it was created. That’s why Omni called the album Souvenir: it’s a collection of audio objects, a stash of musical miniatures. Think of it as a family photo album, a binder of rare playing cards, a shoebox holding precious gems.

Take “Plastic Pyramid,” the first song Omni wrote after coming out of lockdown. Filled with twists and turns, it’s a journey unto itself, charged by clanging chords, spinning rhythm, and Frobos trading lines with Izzy Glaudini of Automatic, with whom Omni toured with last fall. (Glaudini sings on two other Souvenir tracks, the first guest vocalist the band has collaborated with). Or take opener “Exacto,” a slicing web of intertwined guitar and bass. Its razor-fine notes and syncopated beats perfectly match pointillist Frobos lyrics such as “Exacto, de facto, concise, quite right”–a line that could well be an Omni mantra.

The precision and clarity of Souvenir comes from some new Omni developments. For one, this is their first album with Yonker as their full-time drummer, and his forceful playing adds exclamation points to every pointed moment on Souvenir. In addition, the trio worked with Atlanta-based engineer Kristofer Sampson for the first time. Sampson pushed the band to a higher degree of power, with Frobos’s vocals more upfront in his pulsing mix and the rest of the music leaping out of the speakers.

You might notice that Frobos’ singing is a bit more emotional and even nostalgic this time around. In crafting his vocals, he was inspired by the early college radio rock of formative favorites like REM, the Cure, and Big Audio Dynamite–the kind of bands whose melodies could have been top 40 hits in an alternative universe. The lyrics on Souvenir are also by turns funny, absurd, and even cryptic. A wry humor has always coursed through Omni’s songs, and this time, it comes in shades of both dark and light. In “Granite Kiss,” an “astronomical” love story concludes with the hope that “we can decay together,” while in “PG,” a romantic walk in the park includes a rose-colored mugging.

Immediacy rushes throughout every moment of Souvenir, making it the band’s most powerful album to date. Omni has truly crafted a musical keepsake–a set of songs that you’ll want to keep close, an aural memento you’ll cherish for the rest of time.

Out February 16th 2024 on Sub Pop


1. Exacto
2. Plastic Pyramid
3. Common Mistakes
4. INTL Waters
5. Double Negative
6. PG
7. Granite Kiss
8. Verdict
9. F1
10. To Be Rude
11. Compliment


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