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Ghost Woman Share New Single “Juan” – Taken From Album “Hindsight is 50/50” out 24th November 2023 on Full Time Hobby

November 14, 2023
Photo Credit: Ton Persyn 

Ghost Woman
Share New Single “Juan” – Taken From Album “Hindsight is 50/50

out 24th November 2023 on Full Time Hobby

 Ghost Woman share the third single “Juan” from their forthcoming album, Hindsight is 50/50 due out 24th November on Full Time Hobby.  The new single feels like the album’s centrepiece; an exuberant amalgamation of the album’s themes and tones surrounding it.

Ghost Woman keeps on giving, this album is shaping up to be a defiant and delicious creation with lasting atmospherical attributes and moody movements. As reflected in “Juan” this soundscape emerges and sculpts the ambience, the tonality and the gritty notes, and the vital depth of textures on show throughout become all-encompassing. The energy of this outfit simply dazzles through the darkest of their passages.

The track steers this almighty wealth of intensity, moving that emotive fuel to every angle of the composition, once again Ghost Woman have delivered a track with this imprint which is so heavy on your world that their fan base grows and this band becomes one to infatuate yourselves with. The fact the duo can convey this immense scale within their creations, vivid and representing an outfit double in size, the strength captivates.

Despite Hindsight is 50/50 being the third album from Ghost Woman in 18 months, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evan Uschenko believes that this is the first album that “finally captures the true nature of the band”.

Uschenko explains that “the first two albums were never meant to be albums: they are like pages from diaries that have long since been burned. With the introduction of Ille van Dessel as co-writer/drummer, the project feels like it has a direction”.

There is a confidence and assurance that feels built upon the 2022 eponymous debut and the follow-up Anne, If, which was released at the beginning of this year. There is a darker, denser feel compared to previous releases, but the sound and vibe of this album is more akin to what the project was supposed to be when it started in 2016, finally realising Ghost Woman’s creative vision.

Sonically the album holds itself together within a warm, analogue soundworld, but with few digestible vocal melodies steering the tracks or easily giving up their meaning. This is a conscious decision, with Uschenko claiming that “there is never a concept when it comes to creating something, and no intention behind anything we create, other than to make noise and complete an album”.

Vocals come drenched in reverb and meaning is often suggested rather than explicit. The guitars are heavier and the vocals are less easily discernible. So immerse yourself in this album and tell your friends about it without the benefit of hindsight, 20/20 or otherwise.

The album was recorded mostly live in three days at the analogue Kerwax studios in Brittany, France by Christophe Chavanon (The Good Damn). The band say that “these songs were made to be played live”, and the closing build will work perfectly in the darkest, noisiest club you can find.

Ghost Woman is : 
Evan Uschenko (guitar, multi-instrumentalist)
Ille van Dessel (drums)

EU & UK shows:
22nd January – Munich, Milla
23rd January – Vienna, Chelsea   
24th January – Nuremberg – Z-Bau   
25th January – Cologne, Bumann & Sohn
26th January – Bremen, Lagerhaus
27th January – Berlin, Lido
29th January – Amsterdam, Paradiso
30th January – Paris, La Maroquinerie
1st February – Brighton, Hope & Ruin
2nd February – London, Studio 9294
4th February – Dublin, Workman’s Club Cellar
5th February – Manchester, Yes Pink Room
6th February – Birkenhead, Future Yard
7th February – Glasgow, The Voodoo Rooms
10th February – Bristol, Crofter’s Rights

12th February – Rotterdam, V11
15th February – Kortrijk, De Kreun
16th February – Luxembourg, Rotondes Club
17th February – Brussels, AB

Hindsight is 50/50 Tracklising:


Alright Alright

Highly Unlikely


Along Pt.2




Hindsight is 50/50




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