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Freyja Elsy Releases Debut EP “Modern Artifice” | Release Feature

November 28, 2023

Freyja Elsy Releases Debut EP “Modern Artifice”

Out Now

We’ve watched the progression of the artist Freyja Elsy since her phenomenal debut single dropped back in 2021. Now, three years into her solo career and having independently released singles and performing live, Freyja Elsy has now just released her first EP “Modern Artifice“. A stunning collection of tracks that independently came out Friday 24th November and is streaming below and available now.

The record is described as taking the grace, depth and introspection of her previous releases and perfecting the formula whilst continuing an experimental streak with an impressive step forward in production. Themes range from navigating inequality and existentialism to finding oneself in the nervous excitement of new love.

The 4 track EP is set to move you, to pop this spell and trance over the listener as they find themselves in awe of this stunning collection of compositions.

Sad Girls” commences with this introduction to a truly decadent and immersive atmosphere, growing carefully with each layer and texture dropping into the mix and enhancing the ambience on offer. This stirring loop grows, gravitating the attention to Freyja’s standout and sublime vocal harmonies as they direct the emotion, the connection and the affectionate tonalities. There is a cutting nature through the lyrics and the softer tones shimmering higher than the complex yet melodic instrumentation of this track, those notes slice through the landscape with such ease and resonate this immense power. This is a standout trait for Elsy.

As the EP shifts to “Over It”, we embrace a change. Punchier, pulsating electronic notes start to form the soundscape, identifying a change from the opener and a track that starts to mould Freyja’s vocal tones, layered, looped and coursing through the structure with this finesse. Lyrically, Freyja intimately instructs, demands and deciphers the internal expression of the lyrics cascading with the mood of the textures. This release continues to roll, moving circularly and bolting towards this euphoric finale where a sample emerges and integrates itself into the exploration, further shifting the dynamic release and adding this personal spark to the vision.

“Limerence”, the penultimate track on the record, allows this platform for Freyja’s vocal range to truly shine, it’s a track that embraces a boundless essence as Freyja’s mighty harmonic range simply soars throughout. The fragile landscape forms on crisp electronic tones, but these tones offer a dazzling rhythm whilst intelligently weaving into the foundation and never once fighting for the limelight, as the lyrics are already there.

And then the EP ends on the powerful “Salem”, hypnotic and harrowing. This guitar blazes with this distilled intensity throughout the expressive soundscape. A fierce yet completely addictive composition once again built upon these key layers. What commences with the gentle notion, ambitiously develops into this impressive composition with a lasting touch.

This EP is a marvel, and it’s thought-provoking whilst retaining such tender attributes and providing breathtaking beauty from the lyrics and the ambitious harmonic approach. The EP signals a change for this artist, a progressive turn that completely works.




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