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Courting Announce New Album “New Last Name” Out January 26th via Lower Third & Share New Single & Video “Throw” Recorded In Collaboration With The Cribs

November 9, 2023
Photo credit: Charlie Barclay

Courting Announce New Album New Last Name Out January 26th via Lower Third

Share New Single & Video “Throw”

Recorded in Collaboration with The Cribs 

Liverpool four-piece Courting return with details of their highly anticipated new album New Last Name, which will be released on January 26, 2024 via Lower Third. To mark the announcement the band have also shared a video for a new single titled “Throw”.

Having already laid-waste to any preconceptions you had about them on last year’s debut album Guitar Music – which saw the band earn 5-star reviews, a 7.2 from Pitchfork, and extensive plaudits from the likes of The Needle Drop, DIY, Dork, NME, Alt Press, CLASH, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, and Radio X – the new record once again subverts the idea of genre and paints a much bigger picture.

When recording New Last Name Courting also collaborated in the studio with indie heroes Gary and Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, who worked closely with the band on production duties. The results are as thrilling as they are rewarding. Brimming with nuance and pop culture references, the only constant is that the Liverpool group maintain their irrepressible sense of abandon.

Whilst “Flex” provided a first taste of the band’s continued ambition, “Throw” sets the tone for the record. New Last Name is an album as adventurous thematically as it is sonically – but as its title suggests, it hints at new beginnings. “It’s a theatrical play within an album,” explains frontman Sean Murphy O’Neill. “There’s a lot going on. It can be simply enjoyed as an album, but there are characters, acts, stage directions etc. The listeners can decide on the narrative themselves, but we want them to get lost in it.”

“Throw” is the first act in this play and serves as a tone setter for the record and also a prelude to a narrative flashback. At its base level, the track is fervent pop-rock earworm melding upbeat drumming, vocoder-effected vocal hooks, and ebullient riffing. However, as the track moves towards its close, the band flip it on its head with pop-punk indebted instrumentation and gang vocals – a clear example of the band indulging in guilty pleasures.

Going on to speak about the single, Murphy O’Neill says, “We wanted to write a song with a plot twist, a song that could be described as “an epic.”

Lamenting a past love, our protagonist returns to “the city”, and remembers, misremembers, and forgets just about everything that has happened beforehand. Drawing a blank, they pray to be wished away to a simpler time.”

Gary Jarman of The Cribs talks about working with Courting in the studio:

“We had really enjoyed their debut LP “Guitar Music” – the knowing title and the freedom with which they were prepared to sabotage their melodies with noise really spoke to us. But underneath all of that restless experimentalism and layers of chaos it was clear that there was some very sophisticated songwriting going on. So we were really excited to see how they approached their follow up LP. The recording of a second album can be the most consequential time in an artists career – either the moment that their ability catches up with their enthusiasm and the real magic happens, or conversely the struggle to follow up on that first flush of inspiration (the dreaded sophomore slump). We knew as soon as we heard the demos that Courting were taking the step up to the next level.

Anyway – we could go on and on about how this is one of those bands of an increasingly rare breed – a group of people who need each other, personally and creatively, and how that translates through the music…but that would all be distraction from the main point here – that Courting have really stepped up to the moment and made an incredible pop album (every song sounds like a hit to us!), without compromise and without fear.”

Courting are proving 2023 is their year. What a blazing new track, capturing their formidable energy as they drop a track that screams big on every level. This frantic new track captures your attention with its mammoth hooks and grooves, it is fun, and gritty and exudes this enchanting melody. Another hit that showcases Courting’s immersive energy and ability to weave this essential and intensive essence. Courting take on this sonically mighty soundscape and the results are infectious.

From the funk-pop guitars in “We Look Good Together” through to the baroque strings in “Flex” or even the country-tinged stylings of “Babys”, it would be an understatement to call New Last Name adventurous. That’s all before you even come onto the drum and bass drumming of the vibrant and vital “Happy Endings”.

Going on to speak about the album, Murphy O’Neill says, “I’ll admit that New Last Name isn’t really a play. Whilst it IS tied together by a narrative thread – it’s actually a collection of our most contained pop songs, and strangest experiments sat side by side. New Last Name is unrestrained and chaotic. At the same time, it is more focused and detail-oriented than anything we’ve done before. New Last Name is a study in contradictions, and it’s the best damn play south of the north pole.”

That play goes on the road next year, with the band also having announced a new run of EU / UK tour dates to take place in Spring next year. Having cemented themselves as a must-see live act, Courting recently toured as main support for Circa Waves. The band also toured Guitar Music extensively last Fall as well as performing at multiple summer festivals including Reading & Leeds Festival, Wide Eyed Festival, Latitude, Truck Festival, Live At Leeds, Community Festival, and The Great Escape. They also came together earlier this year for “The Wedding” – a hometown wedding-themed show which saw the band unveil new material for the first time – which NME reviewed, describing them as “one of the most innovative and elevated acts of the moment.” 

1. Throw

2. We Look Good Together (Big Words)

3. The Hills

4. Flex

5. Emily G

6. Babys

7. The Wedding

8. Happy Endings

9. America

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