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Tom John Hall Releases New Single “Simple Life” – Out Now, Taken From Upcoming Album “THUNDERCHILD” | Single Special

October 30, 2023

Tom John Hall Releases New Single “Simple Life” – Out Now

Taken From Upcoming Album “THUNDERCHILD”

Tom John Hall, the derby-based independent artist, has returned with this classic arrangement “Simple Life”, a stellar release and taste from the musicians’ upcoming concept record “THUNDERCHILD“.

Of the new single Tom John Hall describes the following:

“Simple Life lands us at the culmination of Panjy and Bo’s journeys, the album’s two main characters, as they navigate a life which is rarely simple – one stranded on an abandoned human colony on a distant world, and the other left disillusioned on an Earth in need of change.

It’s so easy to feel helpless in our times. I wanted Simple Life to be a cathartic exercise, about not blaming ourselves for the world we just turned up in by the infinite randomness of the universe. We can however control what we do in our tiny lives, and choose to do something, share in some joy, while we’re here.”

The single came out via Year Of Glad 27th October and is streaming below. Big fans of Year Of Glad they are a not-for-profit imprint and family of creatives and party planners from all around the East Midlands.

Always in admiration of the evolution of this artist, Tom John Hall returns with “SIMPLE LIFE” and immediately this complex and melodic ensemble is ready to elevate this musician further. Sweeping instrumentation and this dynamic vocal melody that courses through the landscape, the expressive tonality that twists and turns throughout this arrangement emphasizes the commanding power of this release. Tom’s lyrics leave this imprint, the words evoke emotion, stirring sincerity into the surging soundscape.

This track dazzles, it proudly projects this artist embarking on the next phase of their musical career, the sophomore album that is destined to resonate with the fans and bring more to the fanbase ready to embrace the explorations.

Details of the concept record will emerge soon and follow the impressive 2020 debut “My Big Album” which was released digitally and vinyl via Year Of Glad.



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