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Teenage Tom Petties Release New Single & Video “Bad Hire” – New Album “Hotbox Daydreams” Out November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US)

October 12, 2023

Teenage Tom Petties Release New Single & Video “Bad Hire”

New Album “Hotbox Daydreams” Out November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US)

The excitement surrounding the forthcoming sophomore album release from Teenage Tom Petties, that excitement is at an all-time high. Each release we’ve embraced from “Hotbox Daydreams”- which is due November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US)– has installed such enthrallment for the intoxicating vision of this outfit.

Now the band have dropped their latest single and taste from the album “Bad Hire” which also features a must-see video, watch below.

Teenage Tom Petties is a slacker indie punk band split between Wiltshire, England and Portland, USA. Created by vocalist and guitarist Tom Brown, (also of the jangle pop duo Rural France), Teenage Tom Petties features Jim Quinn on bass, Galen Richmond and James Brown on guitar, and Jeff Hamm on drums.

The band’s first album, Teenage Tom Petties (2022), a collaborative release by U.K. label Safe Suburban Home and U.S. label Repeating Cloud, is a low-fi, DIY recording inspired by Brown’s early love of bands like The Lemonheads, Descendents and Guided by Voices.

“Bad Hire” punches straight into play with crisp beats, the dazzling guitar drives through the soundscape and adds this complexities to the immense force of this voyage. The textures and tempo alter to fluctuate the dynamic intensity, as the track shifts, the tension moves from the chugging low end to the brighter lead guitar, from the percussive shuffles to the buzzing energy. Teenage Tom Petties place their vocal notes at the front of the heat from the instrumentation, the vocal melodies exude character and this plentiful range, Tom’s vocal notes have the ability to grip any listener as they journey alongside the outfit and their vision.

Above all, Teenage Tom Petties captures a pure essence of fun within their arrangements. These quick-paced and commanding chaotic compositions elevate the guitar attacks and the powerful melody. This air of rebellion cascades through the atmosphere, ricocheting off the lyrics, and lifting this track to a new dimension. A snarling fuzz pop release guaranteed to allure.

Pre-order the 12″ vinyl HERE

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