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Sleemo Share New Single “Head Full Of Lead” – Out Now via Beth Shalom Records & Announce Details Of Debut Album

October 4, 2023

Sleemo Share New Single “Head Full Of Lead” – Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

& Announce Details of Debut Album “Call To The Void”

Sleemo return with their ferocious new single “Head Full Of Lead”, the new single is out now via Beth Shalom Records and the outfit are set to release their debut album “Call To The Void” on 10th November before embarking on a UK-wide album tour.

Punching straight into its obnoxious landscape filled with angular and abrasive tones, chugging intensity and these almighty drum shuffles. The track bounces with this deep swing through its volatile soundscape, moving from the deep complexity to lighter passages, the vocal melody shifting too and providing this accessibility you hook yourself on. Sleemo produces these colossal creations that deliver this sonic assault, all of which ultimately showcase the diverse range of this trio and the weight of their tone.

The brand new single is described as a thick and beefy taste of what is to come from their debut album, delivering punishing riffs, ruthlessly pounding drums, thick basslines and wailing vocals in an amalgamation that feels fresh and unique. Sleemo states “Head Full of Lead is about how a lack of productivity affects your motivation and makes you feel a sense of nothingness and voicelessness. It’s hard to conjure up the effort and motivation when you’ve been through a lull so you rigorously pull yourself through despite how weighed down you feel and how heavy everything feels.”




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