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Silent Forum Release New Single & Video For “Here’s The Email” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

October 24, 2023
Photo By Bethan Miller

Silent Forum Release New Single & Video For “Here’s The Email”

Out Now via Libertino

Today Silent Forum return with their new single “Here’s The Email”, out via Libertino Records. The new single is the third release to be shared from the outfit’s forthcoming album, details of that release are to be confirmed.

‘Here’s The Email’ is Silent Forum at its post-punkiest and most destructive, presenting the perspective of the disgruntled office worker, now working from home, juxtaposing corporate life lyrics with jagged guitar chaos. 

The third single to be taken from Silent Forums‘ forthcoming sophomore album and it’s so clear this outfit has raised the game. Their debut album was nothing short of a masterpiece but with the three tracks they’ve shared so far this year, Silent Forum have effortlessly evolved, their progression as an outfit signals this captivating identity, and they’ve honed in on their unique sound and even better, their impressive energy. To be able to share their inventive power through their new release and provide such a connection between audience and artist, Silent Forum collectively, they are delivering.

“Here’s The Email” commences immediately into this sea of vivid textures and a punchy melody ready to hook. Excitement resonates from the weight of the tones throughout, their tonality flourishes and exudes this wild depth. Upbeat infliction reflects from the guitar scales and that buoyancy shimmers amongst this unity of contagious creativity, the track opens up to showcase complex rhythms and this animated bass further provides more depth to this release, the landscape exudes this mammoth structure.

Lyrically, oh we get it, we relate, we understand and this lyrical direction and the repetitive loop that reflects from the words to the world that inspired this release. The bold lyrics ooze the affection of the vocal melodies that move the status of those words, it holds a vast array of emotions from the audience too.

Here lies Silent Forum‘s ability to infuse their vision with their fans, to bleed into this world that stirs for all. Expressive, dynamic and enchanting. Silent Forum shifts the intensity of this release commencing with this mighty powerful cadence ricocheting from their mighty atmosphere and rolling towards a softer breakdown.




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