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Sen Morimoto Shares New Track “Deeper”- New Album “Diagnosis” out November 3rd via City Slang / Sooper Records

October 12, 2023
Photo credit: AJ Incammicia

Sen Morimoto
Shares new track


Upcoming album Diagnosis due 3 November via City Slang / Sooper Records

Chicago artist Sen Morimoto is back with the next single, “Deeper”, from his forthcoming LP Diagnosis. The song harkens back to Morimoto’s earlier works as he floats between jazz guitar with angelically dreamy vocal melodies and nimble raps. It’s a serene moment on the album otherwise full of menacing rock. The song is about attempting to experience the full depth of our emotions, good and bad, Sen notes:

“There is a place in the center of my chest, tucked behind my heart, where only the most extreme depths of grief or joy make themselves known. When the context of everything in your life is squeezed into a single moment by the pressure of an overwhelming present it feels like you’re at the bottom of the ocean. Nothing’s deeper.”

Deeper” delivers this insatiable appeal, it’s sultry, moving and truly gripping. This complex yet soothing landscape engulfs the audience where they can embrace the intimate and evolving atmosphere, Sen’s expressive vocal range and delicate harmonies swoon over the rhythms and add this air of softness through the journey.

Before the track leads to an abrasive flurry. This track continues to build on its instrumental foundations and even with the delicate attributes, this track isn’t afraid to direct to harsher hits for the unpredictable intensity. Sen always pushes sincerity through the soundscape and it’s that vital emotive essence that creates this lingering imprint.

Out November 3rd via City Slang & Morimotos’s own Sooper Records the album can – and should – prove a larger blueprint for others. It’s a guide with which to release your anger and understand yourself and the world a little better, all while freely admitting to possessing no concrete answers to the existential questions that plague our everyday. The 13-track-long effort marks a fundamental shift both sonically and thematically. Exploring a wide range of genres and musical influences— alternative pop, dark rock, bright jazzy-infused pop, glistening orchestral soundscapes, and even subdued singer-songwriter sounds are detectable within the musical revelation that is Diagnosis. The topical shift as well brings exploration of childhood, American identity, nostalgia, and the insidious nature of late-stage capitalism— a notable change from his previous introspective works such as his 2018 debut Cannonball! and the 2021 self-titled follow-up.

1. If The Answer Isn’t Love

2. Bad State

3. St. Peter Blind

4. Diagnosis

5. Pressure On The Pulse

6. Naive

7. Feel Change

8. What You Say

9. Surrender

10. Deeper

11. Pain

12. Forsythia (レンギョウの旋律)

13. Reality

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