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Nudista Release “Different Eyes” – Out Now via Sad Club Records

October 23, 2023



London based alt-folk duo, nudista return with a uplifting new track, ‘Different Eyes’, on tastemaker label Sad Club Records.

Drawing on influences as diverse as Elliott Smith, Wednesday and Aimee Mann, ‘Different Eyes’ blends gritty guitar riffs with countrified cosmic pedal steel guitar lines and plaintive vocal harmonies from Pilar & Robbie.

Robbie notes: “Different Eyes is one of our heavier tracks. With loud, overdriven guitars throughout, the tone and pace are meant to convey a sense of panic and act as a sonic slap in the face.”

‘Different Eyes’ is a track about growing pains. It sees Robbie questioning himself, distrusting previously held beliefs, and confronting the changes that come as you grow as an individual. Whilst Robbie explores this on the first verse, Pilar provides the internal counterpoint on the second, acting as that little inner voice that tries to convince you that it’s the world that’s wrong rather than yourself.

“The song is describing a distrust of my own narrative. A gradual realisation that I have outgrown some previously held opinions about myself and world views, and the struggle of letting those go” Robbie explains. “’Different Eyes’ was written very quickly in a moment of clarity and is an attempt to hold on to a new perspective.”

Deliberately direct and easy to interpret, ‘Different Eyes’ acts as a one-to-one chat between Robbie and himself. “I am sitting myself down and having a one-to-one chat. I’m not hiding behind metaphors or complex language, reminding myself of a simple fact that is easily forgotten (“it’s because of others that you’ve grown”) whilst also trying to invoke change (“always chasing something…tryna be someone else”) and move away from some habitual isolating thought patterns (“You never wanna be here”).”

These bright jangly textures commence and roll towards this immense explosive turn. Nudsita have this understanding of emotion that controls the importance of their vision. The rolling movement shuffles intently and assists with this marching consistency to the structure, which is then joined by Robbie’s brooding vocal tones.

As the lyrics sweep through the complex instrumentation, the weight of the release evolves and you are surrounding with emotive currents. The track dynamically shifts towards the vivid unison of both Pilar and Robbie’s harmonies, united and injecting immediate emotional traits to the ensemble, layering up the voyage with this heartfelt influx of affection. The melodies simply melt and the guitar tone shimmers throughout the expressive creation.

It’s a truly intimate ensemble, the sheer intimacy and raw lyrics offer this internal questioning, and they pain the journey with this crushing sentiment. It’s poignant, it’s powerful and it’s ready to not only command the audience’s attention but also challenge.

The composition builds up to this jaunty finale and as the textures fade out we appreciate the immense power that Nudista convey, their infectious energy resonates throughout the release and this track allows this easy connection to move the listeners.

Formed by Pilar Matji Cabello and Robbie Carman while they were both studying at the University of London, nudista came together over a shared love of acts such as Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo and Neil Young. Robbie had been in and out of various bands from his teens, giving him an eclectic range of stylistic influences, while Pilar’s upbringing in her native Spain has also brought something to the band’s sound. Those first recordings became their debut EP, ‘Halfway Here’, written during the pandemic and released via Sad Club Records in 2021. The emotional self-reflection of the duo’s songwriting has only continued to get stronger as they use music to navigate their way through a continuously changing world.

Live, the band possesses a quiet power, and they’ll be bringing their spellbinding music to the Shacklewell Arms on the 20th of November for a headline show.



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