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Madi Diaz Announces New Album “Weird Faith” Out 9th February 2024 on ANTI- & Shares Video For Lead Single “Same Risk”

October 11, 2023
Photo Credit: Muriel Margaret

Madi Diaz Announces New Album, Weird Faith,

Out 9th February 2024 on ANTI-

Watch the Video for Lead Single “Same Risk

Plays Bush Hall, London on 12th October

Nashville singer-songwriter Madi Diaz is excited to announce Weird Faith, her new album out 9th February 2024 on ANTI-, and presents its lead single/video, “Same Risk.” With Weird Faith, Diaz comes up against a problem that has dogged songwriters since time immemorial: how do you write about romance, or love, without making it sentimental or fake? For Diaz, the answer was to explore how anxiety-inducing — if not downright humiliating — falling in love can be. Weird Faith answers these questions bluntly, and Diaz says the record “chronicles a new relationship, but also a new relationship to myself.”

The song is accompanied by a gorgeous video co-directed by Diaz and Elizabeth Olmstead.

Intoxicatingly raw from the get-go. Madi immediately captivates the audience with the quick intro to the tender vocal notes and the intimate lyrics, Madi continues to create these expressive ensembles where there is purposely no boundary between artist and audience. This powerful release showcases the best of this artist, a striking journey and the audience embraces the immense fragility that conquers this vivid composition. Madi Diaz is easily one of the most powerful voices of our time. Once again Madi writes this body of work to emit such an emotional and raw tendency highlighted with the honest words.

Diaz has been making records and writing songs professionally since the late 2000s, but it wasn’t until she released History Of A Feeling that she felt the glare of wider notoriety. It wasn’t her debut album, but it certainly felt like it. She made her daytime and late night television debuts, embarked on her first solo tour since 2014, supported Waxahatchee and Angel Olsen on tour, and collaborated with them on record. Harry Styles handpicked Diaz to open for him in arenas and stadiums in North America, and was so taken by her captivating live show, he asked her to be a member of his touring band, to sing alongside him all over Europe and the UK, as well as continuing to open the show in various cities. Time on the road renewed Diaz’s excitement about her own project and her own story. After three months on the road touring internationally, Diaz is back in Nashville, perched on the precipice of her moment with Weird Faith.

Weird Faith exists between the time you say “I love you” and the moment they say it back (or don’t), and captures the endless self-questioning a new relationship inspires. Diaz comments, “This record is about the beginning of love, and saying every feeling out loud, when I feel it, for better or worse because I can’t help it.” Album opener “Same Risk” acknowledges that feeling from the outset. “Do you think this could ruin your life? // Cause I can see it ruining mine,” Diaz asks plainly. It’s a disarmingly honest moment, her barefaced and fearless lyrics becoming all the more impactful as the rhythm section briefly drops out of the mix. It’s one of the many breathtaking production choices Diaz made on the album, with help from friends and co-producers Sam Cohen and Konrad Syder. The album also features Kacey Musgraves,who joins Diaz for a duet on the devastating ballad “Don’t Do Me Good.”

When Diaz started writing Weird Faith, she knew it would be bigger than a love story. She didn’t yet know that she was rendering a self-portrait, one that captures the Madi Diaz of a fleeting moment in time, hungrily alive and forever searching. A search that has led to a record highlighting the human experience of spinning out on the fall into love, bold in its honesty, and matching the momentum of Madi Diaz.

Following a headline show in London this Thursday at Bush Hall, Diaz will embark on a North American tour supporting My Morning Jacket later this month. Tickets for London show can be purchased HERE.

Weird Faith Tracklist

1. Same Risk

2. Everything Almost

3. Girlfriend

4. Hurting You

5. Get To Know Me

6. God Person

7. Kiss The Wall

8. Don’t Do Me Good (featuring Kacey Musgraves)

9. For Months Now

10. KFM

11. Weird Faith

12. Obsessive Thoughts

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