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Los Blancos Return With New Single “Pancws Euros”- Out Now via Libertino | Single Special

October 27, 2023

Los Blancos Return With New Single “Pancws Euros”

Out Now via Libertino Records

With one week until Los Blancos releases their highly anticipated sophomore album “Llond Llaw“, which is out on 3rd November via Libertino, the band returns with their latest taste from the upcoming record. The band have now shared their third single “Pancws Euros”, a track described as a love song to the joy of friendship.

The close brotherly bond you can only find in a band who have been playing together since their teens and also some exceptionally tasty!! home made pancakes!! Musically it’s Los Blancos at their most instinctively melodic, channelling ‘All Things Must Pass’ era George Harrison, their early slacker influence, Pavement with the darker sound of the Velvets bubbling underneath.

“Cian and Osian’s father (two of the band’s guitarists) is a great cook, he always cooks food for us after we stay over, and pancws is the favourite. A song about enjoying this experience in the company of a friend but with a dark twist

A raucous triumph. Immediately the arrangement commences and the melody strikes through the atmosphere with this infectious burn, melting the movement and pulling the audience to fixate on the addictive textures and that captivating tone.

Los Blancos wastes no time in showcasing this expressive grandeur with the weight of this audacious ensemble. The instrumentation expands as the energy of each musician unites to deliver a track built to last.

The elevated guitar passages lift from the background of the composition and the placement of those notes with the advantageous passages provides this deeply immersive soundscape. Los Blancos creates this world that surrounds you and comforts you. The release gives this landscape where the range of textures can flourish, cementing a range of contagious hooks to fall for. Fusing the charismatic vocal notes, elevated with the additional harmonies colliding at the peak times. Whilst drawn to all of these positive attributes, the cowbell, resonating slide notes and power throughout simply enthral.

As the track softly noodles to this delicate turn, it’s not long before the intensity ramps up with the additional harmonies shifting this composition to another level. The textures in the final crescendo, soar, and the shifting time signatures allure whilst establishing the raucous and explosive end. When the cymbal hit fades out, the audience wants to immersive themselves in the world once more. Not ready for it to end. Los Blancos touch on delectable tonalities and the striking complexities envelope you.




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